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23.09.2015 21:51 Politics
According to Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan and Russia have a big advantage when it comes to food security.
01.04.2015 00:52 Markets
Kazakhstan plans to repeat the last year’s harvest with the gross collection of grain amounting to 17.2 million tons.
23.10.2014 18:46 Markets
Sweet potato was planted in three different regions of Kazakhstan in a pilot project for South Korea. First harvest has been obtained.
29.09.2014 15:00 Markets
Given the combine harvester fleet, fuel supplies, grain elevator capabilities and drying facilities, harvesting can be completed within the following 2 weeks.
25.04.2014 00:44 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstani scientists have invented a method to increase yield of agricultural crops that can possibly bring them a Nobel price nomination.
11.03.2014 16:31 Disasters
Farmers in the Philippines will soon reap a harvest after using emergency seed supplies to grow crops following a devastating typhoon that struck during planting season.
19.12.2013 17:03 Markets
New Zealand winegrowers enjoyed a record harvest in 2013 but are well placed to avoid the oversupply issues that have hampered them in the past, accounting giant Deloitte said Thursday.
02.12.2013 18:38 Education
700 school children were skipping their classes at school because they were harvesting cotton in South Kazakhstan Oblast.
17.11.2013 12:08 Industry, Infrastructure
The production capacity of raw cotton has increased in South Kazakhstan Oblast.
31.10.2013 15:21 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan has harvested its first virus-free potatoes this autumn.
20.09.2013 13:50 Laws, Initiatives
Blasted by winds whipped up on the Aegean Sea, the Turkish island of Bozcaada sits close to the ancient city of Troy and has been known since the time of Helen and Paris for one thing: wine.
02.09.2013 17:23 Environment
Crop-damaging insects, bacteria, fungus and viruses are moving poleward by nearly three kilometres (two miles) each year, helped by global warming.
13.08.2013 11:49 Markets
In 2012 Kazakhstan’s grain harvest amounted to 14.7 million tonnes.
05.08.2013 17:30 Markets
Kazakhstan expects to harvest around 16.3 million tons of grain (net weight) by the end of the agricultural year.
26.07.2013 17:13 Environment
Aktobe grain farmers forecast a difficult year in 2014 because of the locusts outbreak.
16.05.2013 20:03 Markets
Areas for sowing oil-bearing and forage crops will be increased to diversify the crops this year.
27.02.2013 11:02 Markets
Kazakhstan Agriculture Minister told about his expectations for this year's harvest.
23.01.2013 16:48 Industry, Infrastructure
Ban of export subsidies is one of the requirements for entering the WTO. It is possible to negotiate a 3-year transition period that we can use for development of the infrastructure for production and export of grain: Umiryayev.
23.11.2012 21:04 Markets
Earlier Tengrinews.kz reported that this year’s grain harvest is twice lower than that of 2011.
08.11.2012 19:12 Markets
The grain harvest in Kazakhstan almost halved this year following a severe drought.
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