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Genitals of 5-y.o. boy may be amputated due to failed circumcision in Atyrau 10 сентября 2013, 10:56

The genitals of a 5-y.o. boy may be amputated because of a failed circumcision in Atyrau city.
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The genitals of a 5-y.o. boy may be amputated because of a failed circumcision in Atyrau city, Ak-Zhaiyk reports. The boy’s circumcision procedure was held incorrectly in one of the private surgeries of Atyrau city. The Chief Doctor of the children hospital Nurkabyl Aitmukhambetov confirmed the fact when the boy was hospitalized. The boy was transferred to Astana for treatment at the urological department of the National Center of Mother and Child of Kazakhstan. Aitmukhambetov said that the boy's circumcision was made on August 21, several days before his 5th birthday. "The doctor who made the circumcision braced the penis balanus too tightly damaging the blood circulation and caused soft tissue necrosis," the Head Doctor explained, adding that this is the second case of such failure in this private practice. "In the first case the parents applied to the hospital in time. But in this case, when the complications started to appear the parents went to surgeon who made the procedure. He said that everything was fine and the boy returned back home. As a result we now have to discuss the genitals amputation," Aitmukhambetov said. "I have filed a complaint against the private surgical practice to the local Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Activity Control Committee of Kazakhstan," Aitmukhambetov added. The Committee confirmed that they had received two complained against the surgical practice: one from the prosecution office and another from the children's hospital. An investigation commission for the case is being formed, it said. Another grave mistake was made during a circumcisions in Karaganda last year: the surgeon removed the penis balanus of a 5-y.o. boy during the circumcision in May, 2012. The boy's parents sued the hospital, where the procedure was made. In August this year Kyzylorda branch of Nur Otan political party organized a campaign called Alpamys Goes to School that involved free circumcision services to 200 children in local hospitals.

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