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06.10.2013 20:19 Religion
Israel labelled as "racist" and "anti-religious" Friday a resolution of the pan-European human rights body calling for regulation of circumcision practices.
10.09.2013 10:56 Health
The genitals of a 5-y.o. boy may be amputated because of a failed circumcision in Atyrau city.
15.08.2013 11:29 People
Kyzylorda branch of Nur Otan political party organized a campaign called Alpamys Goes to School that involved provision of free circumcision services to 200 children in local hospitals.
22.08.2012 18:05 People
As debate rages over the ethics of infant circumcision, a study published Monday said falling rates of the once-routine procedure in the United States could cost billions of dollars in health costs.
13.07.2012 15:50 Religion
A German court decision branding the Muslim and Jewish rite of circumcising baby boys a criminal act has left disbelief, outrage and serious legal questions in its wake.