Astana green belt development: pheasant breeding Pheasant breeding in the Astana Green Belt will help insect-pest control in the area.
20 июня 2014
Australia says UNESCO reef deferral 'a win for logic' Australia called a decision by UNESCO to defer listing the Great Barrier Reef as in danger "a win for logic", but environmentalists said it was a final warning.
20 июня 2014
Scientists warn of tourism threat to Antarctica Antarctic scientists warned Wednesday that a surge in tourists visiting the frozen continent was threatening its fragile environment and called for better protection.
19 июня 2014
US joins bid to create vast Pacific marine reserve The United States joined forces with other nations Tuesday to declare a vast swath of the Pacific Ocean a marine sanctuary and take "historic" steps to combat illegal fishing.
18 июня 2014
Borovoe resort in Kazakhstan to become cultural venue Deputy Prime Minister Asset Issekeshev proposed to turn Borovoe resort in Kazakhstan into a venue for festivals and cultural events.
18 июня 2014
Kazakhstan to develop its tourism industry Despite Kazakhstan’s huge tourism potential, Kazakhstani tourism is not being developed properly.
18 июня 2014
Japan kills 30 whales in first post-ICJ hunt Japan has slaughtered 30 minke whales off its northeast coast, in the first hunt since the UN's top court ordered Tokyo to stop killing the animals in the Antarctic, the government said.
17 июня 2014
Kazakhstan's Katon-Karagai and Akzhaik added to UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserve Kazakhstani natural parks Katon-Karagai and Akzhaik have been designated as Biosphere Reserves.
15 июня 2014
Poachers kill famed giant Kenyan elephant One of Africa's largest elephants has died after being shot by poachers using poisoned arrows in Kenya, wildlife officials said as they mourned the loss of an "old friend."
14 июня 2014
Saiga to be reintroduced into the market: Kazakhstan Minister Kazakhstan Minister of Environment declared that saiga antelopes may be reintroduced into the market after the population is large enough.
13 июня 2014
Flooding in Paraguay sends thousands fleeing to shelters Flooding has forced the evacuation of about 150,000 people in Paraguay's capital city Asuncion, authorities said.
11 июня 2014
Experts want urgent action on rare N.Zealand 'hobbit' dolphin Marine scientists have urged New Zealand to step up efforts to save the world's rarest dolphin, saying only a few dozen Maui's dolphins remain and immediate action is needed to prevent their extinction.
11 июня 2014
Oceans worth up to $222 bln annually in CO2 capture By absorbing carbon emissions from the atmosphere, the seas avert climate damage worth up to $222 billion (163 billion euros) every year, according to an estimate released.
06 июня 2014
'Extinct' bat found in Papua New Guinea A big-eared bat which was thought to be extinct has been found in a forest in Papua New Guinea, highlighting the unique biodiversity of the developing nation, researchers said.
05 июня 2014
Tropical storm Boris to slam Mexico, Guatemala Tropical storm Boris bore down on Mexico's Pacific coast Tuesday, bringing drenching rains all the way to the Guatemala border, days after deadly flooding and mudslides in the region.
04 июня 2014
Volcanic ash halts flights to north Australian city Flights into and out of the northern Australian city of Darwin were cancelled Saturday and some to Bali affected due to huge ash clouds thrown up by an Indonesian volcano.
31 мая 2014
Storm Amanda blamed for three deaths in Mexico Torrential rains from tropical storm Amanda claimed the lives of three people in Mexico, authorities said.
29 мая 2014
Kazakhstan to value national parks over mineral resources: Baigarin Kazakhstan National Geographic Association urges to protect 30% of Kazakhstani land from economic activity.
26 мая 2014
Atyrau besieged by mosquitoes Population of mosquitoes in and around Atyrau has increased significantly making the mosquito problem more tangible then ever.
26 мая 2014
Elephants from Canada take up residence in US zoo Three female Asian elephants took up residence at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington on Friday after a 2,500-mile (4,000-kilometer) road trip from western Canada.
24 мая 2014

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