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Akkol town to become youth resort: Sustainable Development Earth Foundation 04 августа 2014, 14:17

The Earth Foundation plans to make Akkol town in Kazakhstan a resort for young people by 2017.
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Photo courtesy of Sustainable Development press office Photo courtesy of Sustainable Development press office

Akkol town in Akmola Oblast of Kazakhstan will be turned into a resort for young people. It might not be Ibiza, but enthusiasts from Sustainable Development Earth Foundation have far reaching plans for Akkol. The goal is to get a resort town status for Akkol town before 2017.

“We have presented our project and Akkol Akimat (Municipal Authorities) and Akmola Oblast Akimat are providing us the land for development. We have already got to know the town. At the moment we are considering the project of clearing two lakes in Akkol. Officially, we are starting to work in Spring of 2015 (…), ” Alan Bessen of the Sustainable Development Earth Foundation told Tengrinews.

In 2015, the foundation is planning to start construction of the Friendship House for 8 ethno-cultural communities and a contemporary amphitheater large enough even to host a symphony orchestra.

“The place will feature a renewed infrastructure, boulevards and a guay designed by British and German architects. In fact, what we have here is a modern resort cluster in the making with growing hotel chain. cultural, sports and exhibition venues,” Bessenov, author of the project, said.

He added that by 2017, Akkol would become a resort town and EXPO-2017 visitors coming to Astana would be able to visit it. Besenov did not reveal the cost of the project.

Akkol is located 100 km north of Astana along the highway between Astana and the Burabay resort. Its population is a little over 14 thousand people. It sits on the western shore of Akkol lake and there is a thick pine wood of the other side of the town.

There is also a ground mission control centre of Kazcosmos, Kazakhstan's national space agency, in the woods and a ski resort named SharZhum. 

Akkol Municipal Authorities have already renovated the town's stadium, sports grounds and other large venues. Construction of two hotels and community centers have been started.

Sustainable Development Earth Foundation is a Kazakhstani non-profit organisation that focuses of development of local communities through environmental and social projects. 

Reporting by Assel Satayeva, writing by Gyuzel Kamalova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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