Baby Japanese macaque born in Almaty Zoo A Japanese macaque gave birth in the Almaty Zoo
15 августа 2014
Ultra-rare crocs survive in Philippine 'Noah's Ark' A chorus of chirps filled the room as one of the Philippines' top crocodile breeders checked on his wards in an overcrowded 'Noah's Ark' .
15 августа 2014
Dolphins squeal with delight: study Dolphins often squeal when they get a fish treat, sounding much like happy children.
14 августа 2014
'Poor' outlook for Barrier Reef as climate change threatens Climate change remains the most serious threat to the Great Barrier Reef and the outlook for the natural wonder is "poor".
13 августа 2014
Toxic mine leak turns Mexico river orange Authorities imposed restrictions on the water supply in Mexico, after toxic substances from a nearby mine reportedly turned a river orange.
11 августа 2014
Rare animal recorded on camera in Kazakhstan It is the first time the species is caught on a surveillance camera in Kazakhstan.
10 августа 2014
New residents of Semey: cormorants inhabit Irtysh river An enormous flock of cormorants has occupied uninhabited islands on the Irtysh river right near the bridge in Semey, Kazakhstan.
10 августа 2014
Flights grounded as Typhoon Halong heads for south Japan A strong typhoon lashed large areas of southwest Japan on Saturday, grounding some 460 flights and stranding thousands of holidaymakers.
09 августа 2014
Hawaii braces as hurricanes close in Tourists and locals braced for double trouble in Hawaii on Thursday as a rare pair of hurricanes took aim at the holiday paradise.
08 августа 2014
Air pollution at critical level in Ust-Kamenogorsk Kazakhstan’s National Hydrometeorological service reported a high level of hazardous air pollutants that appeared to look like a fog.
08 августа 2014
Russian Troitskaya power plant fined by Kazakh environmentalists Russian Troitskaya GRES power plant has been fined $35 thousand by Kazakhstani environmentalists.
05 августа 2014
Kazakhstan exports hazardous waste to France Kazakh Ministry and UNDP have shipped 80 tonnes of hazardous sovtol from Kazakhstan to France and disposed of it there.
04 августа 2014
Akkol town to become youth resort: Sustainable Development Earth Foundation The Earth Foundation plans to make Akkol town in Kazakhstan a resort for young people by 2017.
04 августа 2014
Hail in Ekibastuz in late July Hail with heavy rains have hit Ekibastuz city in northeastern Kazakhstan on July 28.
04 августа 2014
Yosemite Park fire threatens famous giant sequoia trees A fire raging in California's Yosemite National Park advanced, threatening a grove of famous giant sequoia trees.
01 августа 2014
Irrigation water shortage in Kyrgyzstan hits Kazakhstan Committee for water resources of Kazakhstan's Ministry of Environment has commented on the decrease in water supply to Kazakhstan from Kyrgyzstan.
31 июля 2014
Tiger campaign threatened by poor data: WWF Efforts to save the tiger are being undermined by a lack of information about how many of the endangered cats live in the wild, the conservation group WWF said.
30 июля 2014
Inuit village sues to block oil surveys in Canada's Arctic A small Inuit village in the Canadian Arctic sued to block offshore exploration for oil, involving noisy air-cannon surveys it says threaten marine wildlife.
29 июля 2014
Almaty tending to its rivers There will be no water in some of the Almaty rivers for a couple of years because of the reconstruction works.
28 июля 2014
Marooned in Central Asian desert that was once sea A top secret Soviet town for testing biological weapons stands abandoned in a Central Asian desert that was once a sea.
28 июля 2014

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