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Over 45,000 Kazakhstanis study abroad 04 августа 2014, 15:58

More than 45 thousand Kazakhstani students are studying abroad.
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Photo courtesy of vibirai.ru. Photo courtesy of vibirai.ru.

More than 45 thousand Kazakhstani students are studying abroad, Tengrinews reports citing Kazakhstan's Ministry of Education and Science.

According to Kazakhstan embassies and foreign education ministries, 26,600 Kazakhstanis are studying in Russia, with 19,100 of them being full-time students and 1,700 studying in the framework of international agreements,

- 9,670 are in China, 628 of them hold various education grants,

- 4,000 are in the United Kingdom,

- around 1000 are in the United States,

- around 1000 are in the Czech Republic,

- around 1500 are in Malaysia, (according to Malaysian customs authorities there are 611 Kazakh students in Malaysia),

- 715 are in the United Arab Emirates,

- 783 are in Turkey,

- 300 are in Poland.

Other countries are less popular education destinations for Kazakhstanies by there are small numbers of Kazakh students there, too.

Over 2,000 Kazakhstanis studying abroad hold Bolashak International Scholarship awarded to high-performing students from Kazakhstan to study overseas all-expenses paid, provided that they return to Kazakhstan to work for at least five years after graduation.

1,211 Kazakhstani young people are getting their higher education under international agreements of Kazakhstan's Education Ministry.

Kazakhstan citizens are eligible for education grants in Russia, China, Turkey, Tajikistan and some other countries.

Apart from Bolashak programme, Kazakhstanis can receive higher education abroad through Fullbright scholarship programme offered by the US Embassy in Kazakhstan, programs offered by Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), and Erasmus Mundus scholarship offered by European Commision. 

In addition, there is a range of exchange programs that Kazakh students can apply for: with universities in China (100 grants), Egypt (7 grants), Mongolia (5 grants), Romania (5 grants), Slovakia (4 grants), Ukraine (40 grants), Belarus (6 grants), Kyrgyzstan (5 grants), Iordania (5 grants), Vietnam (3 grants), Finland (6 grants), Hungary (45 grants), Latvia (6 grants).

Reporting by Aidana Usupova, writing by Assel Satubaldina, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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