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11.01.2015 00:08 Education
The number of foreign students studying medicine in Kazakhstan is expected to reach 10 percent in the near future.
07.08.2014 19:13 Education
Kazakhstan's Ministry of Education and Science has named most popular university majors in Kazakhstan.
04.08.2014 15:58 Education
More than 45 thousand Kazakhstani students are studying abroad.
25.07.2014 17:54 Education
Kazakhstan government is providing 34,165 education grants in 2014.
13.01.2014 11:58 Science, Technologies
Scientists can get up to $500 thousand in grants for commercialization of new technologists in Kazakhstan.
01.08.2013 14:45 Health
US National Security Advisor Susan Rice called for more "eureka moments" and "unorthodox partnerships."
30.05.2013 16:59 Education
Kazakhstan Ministry of Education and Science made a list of countries with universities providing quotas for Kazakhstan citizens.
21.09.2012 15:00 Laws, Initiatives
Director of the National Agency for Technological Development told about Kazakhstan's new state grants program.