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Bolashak Scholarship to shift gears to Journalism and Cultural Studies together with BBC 26 декабря 2013, 18:00

In 2014 the scholarship is having two new categories - Media and Cultural Studies - that include journalism, cinematography, TV journalism and other similar majors.
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Photo © Marat Abilov Photo © Marat Abilov
Bolashak eduction scholarship seems to be shifting its focus from business and computer science majors, popular from the inception of the program, to social media and cultural studies. In 2014 the scholarship is adding two new categories in Media and Cultural Studies that include journalism, cinematography, TV journalism and other similar majors, Tengrinews reports citing Gani Nygymetov, President of the International Programs Center of the Ministry of Education and Science. 22 Kazakhstani cameramen are going to intern at the BBC at the expense of Bolashak scholarships. “We have a great business relation with the New York Film Academy and help our TV journalists and cinematographers upgrade their skills. 5 professionals have already finished their studies in motion picture and script writing, ” said Nygymetov. According to Nygymetov, from now on the mass media specialists can apply for a Bolashak scholarship to get a master's degree abroad. “Starting from next year, the journalists with work experience of over 1 year and a diploma with no less than GPA 4.0 can apply for a Bolashak scholarship,” said Nygymetov. The application opens in February 2014 for these categories. At today's meeting of the National Committee for Personnel Training Abroad 321 applicants were granted Bolashak scholarships. Most of the scholarship recipients are going to study in the UK, the USA and South Korea. The remaining 311 applicants were denied the scholarship this year. A total of 1113 applicants had been submitted for the scholarship this year. In 2014, 1100 scholarships will be awarded. At the meeting, the Committee decided on the professions they were going to prioritize in 2014 besides the Mass Media and Cultural Studies. “New professions that will help develop the economy of the future are interdisciplinary. The professions are biotechnologies in agriculture, post-genome technologies, artificial intelligence, energy sustainability and effeciency,” said Gani Nygymetov. By Renat Tashkinbayev

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