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02.01.2015 14:47 Education
The State Commission for Training Personnel Abroad has conducted a meeting in Akorda Presidential Palace to discuss implementation of Nurly Zhol plan.
24.09.2014 14:06 Unrest
A prominent academic from China's mostly-Muslim Uighur minority was jailed for life Tuesday for "separatism".
19.05.2014 18:39 Education
One third of Bolashak scholarship holders who were charged for academic failure appeal against the decision.
15.03.2014 13:06 Education
The Bolashak education scholarship issued in Kazakhstan has raised its bar for foreign languages.
26.12.2013 18:00 Education
In 2014 the scholarship is having two new categories - Media and Cultural Studies - that include journalism, cinematography, TV journalism and other similar majors.
12.11.2013 18:13 Education
Nur Otan, the ruling political party of Kazakhstan, has dispelled the rumors surrounding selection of Bolashak scholarship benes.
20.08.2013 18:29 Education
As of today Kazakhstan President’s international scholarship Bolashak has been issued to 299 people, 50 percent of them being Master’s degree and PhD students: official.
18.04.2012 12:27 Education
More than 1000 Kazakhstan students will travel to study abroad under Bolashak program in 2012.
18.04.2012 10:44 Education
Bolashak eduction scholarship is available in 5 categories for Kazakhstan citizens, Asset Abdualiyev, Vice-president of Center for International Programs said.
04.11.2011 13:09 Science, Technologies
Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund (NWF) will launch scholarships for young researchers in Kazakhstan.