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20.09.2016 16:14 Crime
A Brazilian court has ordered the seizure of goods and assets belonging to the broadcast-arm of the International Olympic Committee.
23.02.2016 15:52 Crime
Kazakhstan arrested the influential head of the country's Union of Journalists and former presidential spokesman Seitkazy Matayev.
28.12.2015 13:38 Laws, Initiatives
China adopted its first counter-terrorism law Sunday: its provisions may tighten media controls and threaten the intellectual property of foreign firms.
12.11.2015 15:57 Military
The Kremlin admitted that Russian television had accidentally shown secret plans detailing a nuclear torpedo system in development.
08.10.2015 14:41 Companies
Google laid out a plan to make tapping into news on mobile devices faster, keeping eyeballs on stories and people visiting websites.
08.09.2015 12:27 Crime
Russian journalist Oleg Kashin released the names of three men charged with carrying out a savage beating that left him close to death in 2010.
04.09.2015 15:45 Politics
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was working to amend a newly passed public broadcasting law, officials said, after an outcry over a provision prohibiting journalists from expressing opinions.
02.09.2015 16:14 Politics
On the eve of the Constitution Day in Kazakhstan, President Nazarbayev commented on accusations of autocracy.
26.08.2015 12:24 Politics
Republican White House frontrunner Donald Trump booted a journalist from a leading Spanish-language channel out of a news conference.
26.08.2015 11:10 Politics
The EU sharply criticised Russia on Tuesday for the jailing of Ukrainian filmmaker and Kremlin critic Oleg Sentsov, calling it a violation of international law.
25.08.2015 17:34 Internet
Russia's media watchdog said it had lifted a short-lived ban on Russian-language Wikipedia over an entry on a form of cannabis.
17.08.2015 16:04 Disasters
Chinese state-run media lambasted officials in the port city of Tianjin for a lack of transparency over the massive explosions at an industrial site.
14.08.2015 13:57 Unrest
From a mullah who wants a military operation against women wearing jeans to "uncircumcised" Islamic State fighters, a satirical Pakistani website is using humour to shine a light on current affairs in the turbulent nation.
10.08.2015 15:29 Crime
The trial of Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian resumed Monday in Tehran, in what could be the final hearing before a judgment is issued on whether he spied on Iran.
04.07.2015 10:34 Crime
German news weekly Der Spiegel charged that it was spied on by US secret services and said it had filed a criminal complaint with the country's chief prosecutor.
19.06.2015 10:54 Politics
France's Le Monde newspaper used 200th anniversary of Napoleon's defeat to issue a warning to Britain -- in English -- saying: "Beware, Brexit could be your Waterloo!"
12.06.2015 10:22 Entertainment, Style
Rupert Murdoch presented a succession plan at media-entertainment conglomerate 21st Century Fox, passing his chief executive job to his son James.
10.06.2015 19:59 Politics
President of Kazakhstan speaks harsh words about the current state of culture, in which social networks and the Internet undermine moral principles and spirituality.
03.06.2015 13:18 Politics
A Russian freelance journalist who claims she went undercover as a pro-government Internet troll says she is suing her former employer in a bid to expose the workings of the Kremlin's online army.
27.05.2015 15:36 People
German Chancellor Angela Merkel tops the Forbes list of the world's most powerful women for the fifth straight year but Hillary Clinton is snapping at her heels.
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