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Night storm claimed one life 18 мая 2011, 14:05

One man died and one woman injured in Almaty storm on May 17.
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Photo by Vladimir Dmitriev© Photo by Vladimir Dmitriev©
One man died in Almaty storm on May 17. “The circumstances are being investigated, but according to preliminary information he was killed by a fallen tree. A young woman was also injured. She is in shock now,” deputy head of Almaty Department of Emergency Situations Yuri Ilyin said to Tengrinews.kz. A critical situation occurred on Almaty-Medeo road to the mountains close to the ecological post. An almost-one-kilometers-long section of the road was blocked by fallen trees. 300 people worked at the incident site: rescue teams, firefighters and doctors. Emergency teams are clearing the road. The works are performed from both sides to quickly unblock the road for vehicles. A storm damaged power lines in three city regions. Traffic lights stopped working, electricity in some of the buildings was cut off. Heavy rain caused some buildings in the lower part of the city to be flooded. City ditches could not put up with the amount of rain, and the water was flooding roads and sidewalks. General Damir Khalikov, head of Almaty Emergency Situations Department, gathered all personnel for elimination of the storm consequences.
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