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15.10.2015 22:15 Emergencies
A runway tram has caused a major road accident in Almaty for the second time.
22.09.2015 20:17 Emergencies
A large road accident involving over a dozen cars and a runaway tram has taken place in Almaty. Several people were severely injured.
16.07.2015 17:56 Emergencies
A shopping mall under construction has collapsed in Karaganda city in central Kazakhstan.
15.07.2015 19:47 Emergencies
Six workers have fallen 20 meters at a stadium construction site in Astana; four died, two in severe condition.
29.05.2015 12:11 Emergencies
Black Toyota Land Cruiser has crashed into a kindergarten playground killing a five-year-old child in Almaty’s Taugul 1 Mikroraion.
18.01.2015 22:06 Emergencies
A passenger bus crashed into a garbage truck after grazing a dozen cars in Almaty. Seven people injured.
17.11.2014 17:37 Emergencies
A grenade explosion has rocked the College of Fashion and Design in Almaty this morning killing a female student and injuring twelve others.
18.09.2014 15:19 Emergencies
An explosion in Almaty, Kazakhstan's largest city, has left 18 injured. Causes of the explosion are being investigated.
06.08.2014 13:16 Emergencies
Two people have been injured in a fire at Zhanazhol gas refinery of CNPC AktobeMunaiGas oil company.
16.07.2014 14:23 Emergencies
Russian investigators said on Wednesday they had detained two Moscow metro workers in a probe into a devastating crash that killed 22 people and injured dozens.
16.07.2014 12:58 Emergencies
Twenty-five people were injured when a passenger jet from South Africa to Hong Kong hit turbulence on Wednesday, police said, with two men seriously hurt and hospitalised in the southern Chinese city.
15.07.2014 13:22 Emergencies
One person died and dozens were injured after a train derailed in the Moscow metro on Tuesday, the Interfax news agency reported citing medics.
13.06.2014 10:35 Emergencies
Twenty people were injured when a Hong Kong ferry crashed into a seawall off the coast of the gambling enclave of Macau Friday, officials said, the latest accident to hit the cities' busy waterways.
12.06.2014 13:11 Emergencies
A construction crane toppled late Wednesday in a Swiss town, injuring several people, two of them critically, police and media reports said.
27.05.2014 13:24 Emergencies
The death toll from a Colombian bus fire rose to 33 children after a girl hospitalized with severe burns succumbed to her injuries, authorities said.
23.05.2014 10:55 Unrest
One man died and about 10 others were injured in Istanbul during violent clashes between police and protesters Thursday, officials said, in the latest eruption of anger against the Turkish government.
21.05.2014 12:38 Unrest
Six policemen were injured and 27 people were detained Tuesday when a peaceful protest over the death of a Macedonian teenager in Skopje turned violent, a police spokesman said.
19.05.2014 03:46 Emergencies
8 people have been injured in an explosion at the Flour and Combine Fodder Factory in Kazakhstan's Semey.
16.05.2014 13:12 Emergencies
A Malian soldier was killed and 46 others were injured Thursday when their military transporter crashed, the army said.
13.05.2014 11:27 Unrest
A Turkish court heard testimony on Monday that eight men, including four police officers, pummelled a teenage protester to death with baseball bats and truncheons during anti-government demonstrations last year.
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