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29.12.2015 21:30 Emergencies
Warm weather and rains have given way to winds and blizzards in Astana.
24.08.2015 12:40 Emergencies
Tropical Storm Danny swirled toward the Caribbean Sunday as forecasters warned that some popular vacation destinations could see downpours.
22.08.2015 14:23 Disasters
Hurricane Katrina's deadly winds tore up roofs, yanked trees from the ground, and pushed towering walls of seawater miles past the coast.
22.04.2015 16:00 Disasters
A powerful storm swept through India's eastern Bihar state overnight leaving at least 33 people dead and destroying crops and properties.
06.04.2015 15:08 Disasters
Powerful storms swept Bangladesh at the weekend leaving a trail of devastation in the country's northwest and killing at least 35 people.
31.12.2014 12:54 Disasters
Stormy weather forced Indonesian rescuers to suspend their search for the bodies of those on AirAsia's Flight QZ8501.
30.12.2014 13:56 Disasters
Two days of heavy flooding and landslides killed 11 people as tropical storm Jangmi crossed the central Philippines on Tuesday, with water in some areas "neck deep".
19.12.2014 13:26 Disasters
Up to 11 people are now reported to have died in a winter snow storm gripping much of Japan, as forecasters warned bad weather would continue.
28.11.2014 12:04 Disasters
A winter storm that wreaked travel chaos across the US northeast wound down, but hundreds of thousands of people were left without power on the Thanksgiving holiday.
28.10.2014 11:59 Disasters
Nicaragua and Honduras were bracing for severe weather after Tropical Storm Hanna formed off the Caribbean coast.
17.10.2014 11:46 Disasters
Hurricane Gonzalo gained strength in the Atlantic as it barreled toward Bermuda, which was bracing for a hit from the powerful Category Four storm.
19.09.2014 15:39 Disasters
Heavy rains brought by the outer bands of Tropical Storm Fung-Wong shut down the Philippine capital Manila.
27.08.2014 10:29 Disasters
A strengthening Hurricane Cristobal had Bermuda in its sights, US meteorologists said, warning of heavy rain, high winds.
18.08.2014 13:49 Emergencies
Eight foreigners and five Indonesians were rescued two days after their tourist boat sank during a storm in the archipelago.
16.08.2014 14:55 Disasters
Heavy storms and rains killed at least 16 people, including nine children, and injured over 80 others in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
11.08.2014 15:56 Disasters
A severe dust storm has left Aktau city in western Kazakhstan without water and electricity.
24.07.2014 10:36 Emergencies
Taiwan's TransAsia Airways said Thursday that 48 people were killed and 10 survived when one of its turboprop passenger planes crashed after an aborted landing during stormy weather.
11.07.2014 11:38 Disasters
Tropical storm Neoguri churned toward the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant on Japan's east coast after leaving several people dead and causing havoc in other parts of the country.
08.07.2014 10:11 Environment
Japan braced Tuesday for one of its worst storms in years as typhoon Neoguri barrelled towards the southern Okinawa island chain, with the national weather agency issuing its highest alert and nearly half-a-million people urged to take shelter.
04.07.2014 10:47 Emergencies
Hurricane Arthur made landfall on the North Carolina shore late Thursday, as millions of Americans braced for its impact along the East Coast on the eve of the Independence Day holiday.
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