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04.04.2016 14:58 Crime
A Panamanian shell company may have helped hide millions of dollars from the Brink's-Mat heist leaked tax documents allege.
06.10.2014 10:59 Crime
Thousands of revellers who tried to steal beer mugs have set a new record for naughtiness at Oktoberfest, Germany's annual lager and lederhosen extravaganza.
29.06.2014 22:26 Crime
A worker of a company tried to stage a robbery.
03.12.2013 17:56 Crime
A citizen of the Czech Republic was robbed in Astana by three unemployed local men who were waiting for her near a currency exchange.
23.10.2013 12:30 Crime
Robbers found their way into the office of Temirbank at the crossing of Abay and Auezov streets in Almaty and stole around $240 thousand.
16.10.2013 23:34 Crime
It wasn't an actual robbery, just an incident involving a group of people impersonating government officials: Kazakhstan Minister Idrisov.
14.10.2013 22:30 Crime
On Wednesday evening a group of armed people blocked the delegation's cars on their way for the international airport of Johannesburg to Pretoria, and then robbed them.
15.03.2013 18:37 Crime
Australia's largest casino has alerted police to a betting scam in which a high-roller reportedly netted Aus$32 million (US$33 million) in an "Ocean's Eleven" style heist.
22.02.2013 16:02 Crime
The number of thefts went 93 percent up and the number of robberies grew by 18 percent, while their detection rate was 10 and 14 percent: Almaty Interior Department.
19.11.2012 14:32 Crime
A British citizen was found unconscious with numerous bodily injuries next to Ak Zhaiyk hotel in the center of Atyrau in western Kazakhstan.
14.09.2012 17:07 Crime
Shymkent police apprehended the men suspected of robbing the 72-y.o. Japanese citizen.
15.08.2012 15:33 Crime
A group of men have robbed a local Orthodox church for 90 million tenge ($600 thousand) in Karaganda.
26.04.2012 19:55 Crime
The criminal case on the recent assault over the exchange bureau’s money collector was solved in Almaty.
25.04.2012 19:04 Crime
$100 thousand and 7.4 million tenge have been lifted from a money collector of an exchange bureau in Almaty.
16.04.2012 17:07 Crime
Syrian entrepreneur temporarily living in Kazakhstan has been robbed in Almaty.
09.03.2012 11:18 Crime
A U.S. citizen has been robbed for over 300 thousand tenge ($2,000) in Almaty.
01.12.2011 18:46 Crime
Foreign citizen on a business trip in Kazakhstan was robbed in the streets of Astana.