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Kazakhstani Bear Buddy promotes peace and tolerance in Kazan


Photo © Raul Garifulin Photo © Raul Garifulin

Kazakhstani Buddy Bear has appeared at The Minis United Buddy Bears exhibition in Kazan, Russia, Tengrinews reports.

Kazakhstani Buddy Bear has appeared at The Minis United Buddy Bears exhibition in Kazan, Russia, Tengrinews reports.


The art exhibition features miniature Buddy Bears from different countries promoting tolerance and international understanding. Sculptors of bears are decorated and painted with national symbols of each country. Paws turned upright symbolize friendship and optimism. "We have to get to know each other better… it makes us understand one another better, trust each other more and live together more peacefully," says the motto of the exhibition.  


All Buddy Bears are put in alphabetic order by country names. Kazakhstan’s neighbor at the exhibition is Cape Verdi's Buddy Bear. 

Each Buddy Bear is painted in a unique way characterizing its country and distinct style of the artist. Leila Makhat is the author of Kazakhstan's Buddy Bear. She is the honorary member of the Academy of Art in Prague and the winner of the European Arts Union.


The Kazakhstani Buddy Bear was created a couple years ago and has been traveling all over the world ever since. The green bear has traveled to five continents and visited Berlin, Tokyo, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Paris, New Delhi, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro. The Buddy Bear was presented to over 30 million people as a part of the exhibition.

"A couple years ago, the organizers gathered artists from different countries in Berlin to paint two-meters tall bears. After that they asked to make smaller versions, 1.20 meter tall ones. Now both collections are traveling around the world. The idea of the project is to unite cultures and people through art," Leila Makhat said.


Photos © Raul Garifulin

Makhat said that both bears were pained with textured paints to give the statues a natural look of stones. "I wanted to show everyone how ancient and deep Kazakh cultural roots are. And certainly, the same goes to all nations that inhibited the Great steppes. Blue is the color of freedom, depth, sky and hope. For me green is the unity of blue and yellow.  It is the unity of yellow midday steppes and blue mountain peaks of Kazakhstan," the artist said.

The Buddy Bears are staying in Kazan till August 31. After that the little ambassadors of peace will continue their world tour.

Writing by Gyuzel Kamalova

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