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09.12.2015 17:32 Religion
Over 70,000 people sign a petition to ban Donald Trump from entering Britain after his call to bar Muslims from entering the United States.
06.08.2015 19:39 Art, Books
Kazakhstani Buddy Bear has appeared at The Minis United Buddy Bears exhibition in Kazan, Russia.
11.06.2015 19:12 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has called onto leaders of various religions to promote tolerance and forgiveness in their congregations.
11.06.2015 18:54 Politics
President of Kazakhstan finds similarities between various religions, specifically in calls for tolerance and responsibility for one's actions.
26.03.2015 01:26 Politics
Ambassador of Kazakhstan to the Kingdom of Thailand Marat Yessenbayev has met with a member of the executive committee of the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand to discuss interethnic and religious tolerance.
24.03.2013 13:36 Politics
We are going to achieve this goal, same as we had achieved our previous goals, because we are united, we love our country, we love our children and we want a better future, Nursultan Nazarbayev.
10.08.2012 14:00 Religion
The global Muslim community of 1.6 billion people agree on the core principles of their faith, but differ widely in religiosity and religious tolerance.