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06.08.2015 19:39 Art, Books
Kazakhstani Buddy Bear has appeared at The Minis United Buddy Bears exhibition in Kazan, Russia.
14.10.2014 12:15 Fun Stuff
A cub was trapped on top of a tree, and the she-bear rushed to save her baby.
28.02.2014 17:34 Internet
Google on Thursday added polar bears to the natural splendor people can glimpse from the comfort of their homes at the Internet giant's free online mapping service.
17.01.2013 12:03 Environment
A sanctuary for bears rescued from the Asian bile trade which has been at the centre of a high-profile land dispute has been spared eviction by Vietnam's government.
16.07.2012 10:29 Environment
A bear which became a minor star in Los Angeles, with over 24,000 Twitter followers, was returned to the wild Sunday after being found asleep in a tree.
22.06.2012 10:59 Environment
Lama, pony and two deers were born during the past week in Shymkent Zoo with five more deers to be delivered in the nearest future.
20.05.2012 17:11 Environment
The Center doesn’t have sufficient space to keep three more bears, that is why it was decided to sell them to the Russian Circus.
23.05.2011 15:35 Strange News
Almaty Circus cannot find a new home for an old bear.