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Kazakh actresses in chocolate photoshoot 14 октября 2014, 18:48

Kazakhstan's actresses participated in a photoshoot devoted to World Day of Chocolate on July 11, 2014.
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Backstage. Photo courtesy of organizers. Backstage. Photo courtesy of organizers.

Kazakhstan's actresses participated in photoshoot devoted to World Day of Chocolate on July 11, 2014, Tengrinews reports.

Kazakh actresses and TV anchorwoman Ainur Ilyasova (Escape from the Village), Daria Alexandrova (Narkhoz),  Saya Orazgalieva and Jania Dzhurinskaya (Vuzery) took part in the so-called 'chocolate' photoshoot.

"We have created a photo project in vintage style. We previously made a similar project dedicated to the Fatherland Defender's Day on May 7," the organisers said.

According to the initiator of the photoshoot Ainur Ilyasova, after the first shooting Kazakh actresses decided to continue the project. Everyone supported this idea. Baurdzhan Bismildin worked as a photographer. "We created the project with a good and positive team. Of course, nothing was easy, because from the very beginning, we planned to do it a little bit differently. But I think everything turned out very well," Ainur Ilyasova said.

 By Assel Satubaldina


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