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16.06.2015 13:22 Science, Technologies
New research has added to tentative evidence that eating chocolate in modest quantities may be good for the heart.
14.10.2014 18:48 Art, Books
Kazakhstan's actresses participated in a photoshoot devoted to World Day of Chocolate on July 11, 2014.
20.09.2014 11:24 Entertainment, Style
Belgium has a new treat for visitors: a museum dedicated to the confectionary featuring a Willy Wonka-style factory.
03.06.2014 10:18 Companies
Saudi Arabia has withdrawn Cadbury chocolate bars from the market for tests to ensure the products do not contain traces of pig DNA, after the banned substance was detected in Malaysia.
10.05.2014 12:35 Companies
Rakhat, a major Kazakhstani confectionary company, plans to expand into foreign markets.
31.07.2013 10:48 Laws, Initiatives
Russia has banned imports of a popular Ukrainian chocolate brand, the Kremlin's chief sanitary official said Monday, as Moscow steps up efforts to retain influence over its EU-inclined neighbour.
22.06.2013 13:41 Companies
US candy maker Hershey on Friday pleaded guilty to participating in a chocolate price-fixing scheme and paid a CAN$4 million (US$4.2 million) fine.