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How Women's Day is celebrated in Almaty: TengriFM

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How Women's Day is celebrated in Almaty: TengriFM

The heavy snowing did not stop Almaty folks from coming up to the high-altitude Medeo skating rink to celebrate the Women’s Day with music and performances organized by TengriFM and sponsored by Kaspi Bank.

It was a “full house” at the skating rink. The organizers put a stage on the skating rink for musicians. Students of the figure skating school opened the show. Despite the lack of any considerable experience, the small talented figure skaters pierced the hearts of many with their jumps and twirls on the ice.

Legends of Soviet ice-skating took the rink after the young figure skaters’ performance. The winners of the 1988 Olympics and four times World Champions Anderi Bukin and Nataliya Bestemyanova proved that years did not affect their talent and mastery of skate blades. Their performance showed that veterans still could stand up against young figure skaters on the rink. A famous Soviet figure skater Igor Bobrin was invited by Kaspi bank to present his cowboy performance.

The ice skating celebration of the Women’s Day would not be complete without the appearance of Denis Ten, the start Kazakhstan figure skater who won the bronze medal of the Sochi Olympics. The young figure skater congratulated all ladies on the spring holidays and gave out presents. Right after the official part, Denis was quickly surrounded by his female fans that wanted to take pictures with the Olympic medalist. He later tweeted: “It was a new record set…a record on the biggest number of beautiful girls on the ice skating rink”.

A Turkish band Meat The Beetles took over the stage and entertained the audience with the best songs of the Liverpool quartet. The local Roxy Band and The Fridays continued the celebration with their lively performances.

Hopefully, it was not the last celebration hosted by TengriFM and there are many more to come in future.

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