site.news_by_theme weight-lifting stock photo Weightlifting: Kazakhstan weightlifter wins gold at Youth World Championship Kazakhstan's Albert Linder lifted 295 kg in total after two exercises (135 kg in snatch and 160 kg in clean and jerk) and won the gold.
15 апреля 2013
 Photo courtesy of Weightlifting: Yelisseyeva won silver at Asian Championship The young Kazakhstan athlete Margarita Yelisseyeva managed to edge her rival China’s Wu Lutin by four kilograms and won silver.
16 ноября 2012
Chairman of Kazakhstan Agency for Sports and Physical Culture Talgat Yermegiyayev. Photo courtesy of Chinshanlo is a citizen of Kazakhstan: Talgat Yermegiyayev She had been living and training in Kazakhstan since she was 14. There has been no official claims submitted to the Agency or the Weightlifting Federation: head of Kazakhstan Sports Agency.
31 октября 2012
China has not officialy requested Kazakhstan to return Chinshanlo Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry and Weightlifting Federation refuted information that Chinese weightlifting center sent official requests to return Chinshanlo.
30 октября 2012
Zulfiya Chinshanlo. Photo by Danial Okassov© Nothing China writes about me is true: Zulfiya Chinshanlo Kazakhstan Olympic weightlifting champion Zulfiya Chinshanlo officially refuted the rumors of her plans to leave for Chinese national team.
30 октября 2012
Passport of Zulfiya Chinshanlo. Snapshot of the video of BloGpost show Zulfiya Chinshanlo shows her Kazakhstan passport Zulfiya Chinshanlo showed her Kazakhstan passport to refute rumors of her return to China and abandonment of Kazakhstan weightlifting team.
30 октября 2012
Zulfiya Chinshanlo regained Chinese citizenship or not? Gold-winner of the 2012 London Olympics, member of Kazakhstan national weightlifting team Zulfiya Chinshanlo is returning to China, some say.
25 октября 2012
Kazakhstan Weightlifting Federation refutes rumors on Chinshanlo and Maneza moving to China Secretary General of Kazakhstan Weightlifting Federation denies that Kazakhstan Olympic champions Zulfiya Chinshanlo and Maya Maneza are leaving Kazakhstan's national team.
25 октября 2012
Talgat Yermegiyayev, head of the Agency of Sport and Physical Education. Photo courtesy of Weightlifting: Kazakhstan to host the World Championship for the first time Kazakhstan will become a hosting country for the World Weightlifting Championship that will be held in 2014.
02 октября 2012
Weightlifter Nadezhda Nogai. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan weightlifter became three-time world champion Young Kazakhstan weightlifter Nadezhda Nogai won a gold medal at the world championship among juniors under 17 held in Slovakia.
26 сентября 2012
Photo courtesy of Weightlifting: Kazakhstan athlete won bronze at Junior World Championship Kazakhstan weightlifter Albert Linder became a bronze prize winner of the Junior World Weightlifting Championship.
23 сентября 2012
Ilya Ilyin. ©Ayona Van-Shu-Li Ilya Ilyin's photo to be printed on T-shirts Kazakhstan actor Anuar Nurpeissov wants to produce T-shirts with a photo of Kazakhstan's weightlifter and Olympic champion Ilya Ilyin.
04 сентября 2012
Olympic champion Maya Maneza. ©Danial Okassov Maya Maneza: I am not going to leave Kazakhstan Kazakhstan weightlifter Maya Maneza, who won Olympic gold, said she would stay in Kazakhstan, because she considers Kazakhstan her home.
29 августа 2012
Olympic champion Zulfiya Chinshanlo. ©Daniyal Okassov Weightlifting: Kazakhstan is not going to return Chinshanlo and Maneza to China Kazakhstan weightlifting team’s coach Aleksey Ni has commented the statements of Chinese media that some one the Kazakhstan athletes were loaned to it by China.
27 августа 2012
Aleksey Ni. ©Danial Okassov Weightlifting: Aleksey Ni answered Russian Sport Minister’s irony Aleksey Ni, Kazakhstan national weightlifting team head coach, insists that Kazakhstan weightlifters won their Olympic gold medals fairly.
22 августа 2012
Kazakhstan two-time olympic champion Ilya Ilyin. ©Daniyal Okassov Ilyin to get married on September 9 Two-time Olympic champion Ilya Ilyin will get married on September 9 in Kyzylorda.
22 августа 2012
Olympic champions Svetlana Podobedova, Zulfiya Chinshanlo and Maya Maneza. ©Al-Farabi Kazakh State University's press-service Olympic weightlifting champions got Toyota Land Cruisers Kazakhstan female weightlifters Zulfiya Chinshanlo, Maya Maneza and Svetlana Podobedova took part in the awarding ceremony in Taldykorgan.
17 августа 2012
Two-time Olympic champion Ilya Ilyin. © Weightlifting: Ilya Ilyin will do PhD in Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism Two-time Olympic champion Ilya Ilyin of Kazakhstan is going to start doing his PhD course in Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism this year.
14 августа 2012
Kazakhstan weightlifting champion Svetlana Podobedova. ©REUTERS Olympic champion Podobedova getting married Olympic weightlifting champion Svetlana Podobedova is going to get married to her colleague Vladimir Sedov, 2009 world weightlifting champion.
14 августа 2012
© Weightlifting: Ilya Ilyin is ready for next weight division Kazakhstan weightlifter two-time Olympic champion Ilya Ilyin shared his plans for the future upon arrival to Kazakhstan.
07 августа 2012

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