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Weightlifting: Aleksey Ni answered Russian Sport Minister’s irony 22 августа 2012, 11:50

Aleksey Ni, Kazakhstan national weightlifting team head coach, insists that Kazakhstan weightlifters won their Olympic gold medals fairly.
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Aleksey Ni. ©Danial Okassov Aleksey Ni. ©Danial Okassov
Russia just shouldn't have lost. This was the opinion expressed by Aleksey Ni, Kazakhstan national weightlifting team head coach, in response to the irony of Vitaly Mutko, Russia’s Minister of Sportm who questioned the honesty of Kazakhstan victories in weightlifting, Tengrinews.kz reports. “As for Russia, they didn’t have any controversial issues, no Russia’s weightlifters were railroaded. There is only one thing there: they should have lifted the barbell, instead of loosing. I think that my girls were real leaders, they did all their clean and jerks cleanly. We have been working on this. And the ceiling weights that we lifted when training were higher than the ones they attempted (at the Olympics). This way they could stay on the safe side and win smoothly. These were obvious, clear cut victories. We left no one a chance, neither them (Russian rivals) no the jury,” Ni said. Vitaly Mutko, Russia's Sport Minister, attempted to discredit Kazakhstan’s weightlifters victories at the London Olympics. According to him, the 2012 Olympic Games had many controversial refereeing issues. The Russian Minister was particularly dissatisfied with the situation in weightlifting and boxing. Kazakhstan won four gold medals in weightlifting at the London Olympic Games. Kazakhstan’s weightlifters Zulfiya Chinshanlo, Maya Maneza, Svetlana Podobedova and Ilya Ilyin (who set world and Olympic records as well) got Olympic gold medals.

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