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Ilya Ilyin's photo to be printed on T-shirts 04 сентября 2012, 17:18

Kazakhstan actor Anuar Nurpeissov wants to produce T-shirts with a photo of Kazakhstan's weightlifter and Olympic champion Ilya Ilyin.
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Ilya Ilyin. ©Ayona Van-Shu-Li Ilya Ilyin. ©Ayona Van-Shu-Li
T-shirts with Ilya Ilyin's photo could hit the shelves in Kazakhstan as soon as this autumn, Tengrinews.kz reports. Kazakhstan actor Anuar Nurpeissov is going to start a business using the name and photos of the prominent Kazakhstan weightlifter. The actor is not expecting to make millions by selling the T-shirts. The main goal of this campaign is to support Kazakhstan sport heroes and get people to remember them. “You can see that I am wearing a T-shirt with Alexandre Vinokourov now. We still wear Nirvana and Metallica T-shirts. And all of us have our own idols and heroes. Ilya, I’d like to make a business proposal to you now. We are planning to go to China and place an order on T-shirts with your photos there. Those could be photo of you lifting a barbell or rejoicing over your medal,“ Nurpeissov said at a press-conference dedicated to promotion of Kazakhstan celebrities and brand-names. He also said that Ilyin would get 20-50% of this business' profits. The Olympic champion liked the idea and agreed on the deal. Ilyin also said that he had signed the contract with CSME Global LTD recently. He will represent Kazakhstan globally not only as an athlete. According to the representative of the company, they will promote Ilyin at the global market. “We will also take part in sport events and invite prominent sports persons. Ilyin’s achievements could be used in PR, including for sport tourism development,” Ilyin’s new partners said. The athlete said that he is going to depart for his native city of Kyzylorda. “My partner Natasha (Ilyin’s future wife) got ill and she is in a hospital now. I have learned about this recently. I will go to Kyzylorda. We are expecting a baby in September,” he said and smiled. "And we are going to get officially married in September.” At present the champion trains only two hours a day every second day. “I was training for 6-7 hours a day before the Olympics and it was exhausting. I don’t need such a load now; the main thing is to keep fit. That’s why I go to the swimming pool, lift my barbell and play tennis every other day at present. Perhaps, I will be training with the national weightlifting team for the next Olympics that will be held in Brazil. We had a good team at these Olympics and we achieved a lot together in spite of the fact that I was training on individual basis separately from my team,” the athlete said.

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