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Weightlifting: Ilya Ilyin is ready for next weight division 07 августа 2012, 15:40

Kazakhstan weightlifter two-time Olympic champion Ilya Ilyin shared his plans for the future upon arrival to Kazakhstan.
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Kazakhstan weightlifter two-time Olympic champion Ilya Ilyin is going to advance to the next weight division (-105kg), Tengrinews.kz reports from the International Almaty Airport, where fans met the athlete upon his arrival to Almaty. Yerzhas Boltayev, the weightlifter’s coach, said this during the briefing that was held at the airport. The athlete along with his coach arrived from London to Almaty on August 6 at 10:35 p.m. Almaty time. Ilyin said that he was going to learn English in the nearest six month. “I am going to study; I feel that I need knowledge and skills. I’d like to learn English. I will devote my time to English in the nearest half a year,” the athlete said at the briefing at the airport. He said that he was not going to quit weightlifting. Ilyin is going to do a Masters Degree in Sports. “I am going to become a coach. It is interesting to work with professional athletes. I think that if I qualify as a coach, it will be a huge success both for me and for Kazakhstan sport,” the athlete said. “I was a bit nervous, because the first attempt is very important. For the first time in my life I lifted 177 kilograms, however, everything was planned thoroughly beforehand and that’s why everything went well. Confidence is required in every sphere of life. One can do nothing without it,” Ilyin said. Ilyin was asked by journalists what the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev said to him during his telephone call right after his victory at Olympics. Ilyin answered: “I don’t remember exactly, but he congratulated me and his words were warm. The President said: 'You have surpassed yourself.' He was happy and proud of me and I was happy, too.” Ilya Ilyin won the fifth gold medal at the London Olympics. Kazakhstan weightlifter lifted 185 kilogram in snatch and 233 kilograms in clean and jerk. He set a new world record with a total of 418kg. Ilyin won the Olympic gold after his five attempts, because his rival Aleksandr Ivanov of Russia failed to beat his weight. However Ilyin decided to go up to the platform once more to break the world record. The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev made a telephone call to Ilyin right after his victory. Earlier Kazakhstan authorities have promised to award the country’s gold-winning athletes with $250,000.

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