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©Reuters Chevron announces $36.8 bn Kazakh oil expansion US oil giant Chevron announced Tuesday a $36.8 billion expansion project in Kazakhstan, the first major investment since the oil-price rout.
08 июля 2016
Vice Minister of Energy Uzakbay Karabalin. Photo courtesy of Optimistic forecasts for Kazakhstani oil sector: 10th KazEnergy Forum 10th Eurasian KazEnergy Forum has gathered 2000 participants for three days in Kazakhstana's Astana city.
01 октября 2015
TengrizChervrOil capacity expansion soars by $15bln Projects for expansion of production capacity at Tengiz oil and gas field in Western Kazakhstan have seen their price tag soar. By $15 billion!
01 апреля 2015
©REUTERS EU moves forward with Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline: Barroso European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso declared that EU will resume the development of the Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline (TCP).
16 июня 2014
Illustration of TengizChevrOil brings payments to Kazakhstan to $15 billion TengizChevrOil brought its direct payments into the Kazakhstan budget to $15 billion in 2013.
25 февраля 2014
©RIA Novosti  TengizChevroil to resume oil shipments through Baku – Tbilisi – Ceyhan The consortium has already designated the Aktau tanker to transport crude from Aktau to Baku to be further pumped to the pipeline.
29 октября 2013
Photo courtesy of Chevron and TengizChevroil break ice on Kazakh content Kazakhstan engineering companies are eager to produce equipment for Chevron and TengizChevroil.
23 августа 2013
Snapshot of the video Toxic emission captured on video in Tengiz The video shows an emission of untreated sulfur dioxide at TengizChevrOil plant at Atyrau field in Kazakhstan.
30 апреля 2013
©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan planning to boost oil production output to 120 million tons a year by 2020: PM Serik Akhmetov In 2012 Kazakhstan produced a total of 79.211 million tons, including condensed gas, 1.1% down as compared to 2011.
05 апреля 2013
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev taking part in celebration of TengizChevroil's 20th anniversary. Photo courtesy of President's press-service Kazakhstan receives $77 billion from Chevron in 20 years Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev took part in the celebration ceremony of the 20th anniversary of TengizChevroil establishment.
04 апреля 2013
Illustration by TengizChevroil accused of sabotage in Kazakhstan TengizChevroil is only imitating teeming activity in development of local content in Kazakhstan: KPS Steel.
18 февраля 2013
Photo by Danial Okassov© TengizChevroil’s own negligence to blame for blackout and turbine failure Several violations were discovered by the state commission during an off-schedule check of TengizChevrOil after the blackout caused by turbines failure.
15 января 2013
Plants at Tengiz field. Photo courtesy of Blackout suspends all Tengiz plants A partial failure in power supply happened in relation to problems in the work of one of the energy-producing turbines, as well as the failure in KEGOC system: TCO.
04 января 2013
The special operation's site. Photo courtesy of PHOTO: 5 terrorists eliminated in Atyrau oblast in Kazakhstan 5 terrorists dead, 1 officer heavily wounded in near Atyrau. The police operation is linked to the recent explosion in the Kazakhstan city.
12 сентября 2012
Illustration by TengizChevroil fined 2 billion tenge TCO made a blow-out of unconditioned gas exceeding the standards in July 2010.
27 октября 2011
©REUTERS Tengizchevroil pays penalty for gas flaring Oil production output at Tengiz in 2010 made up 26 million tons.
22 сентября 2011
Sauat Mynbayev. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovsky© ANPR sued TengizChevroil for dumping gas prices Kazakhstan Agency for Natural Monopolies Regulation is at law with TengizChevroil over low gas price for Kazakhstan local market.
18 мая 2011
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