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PHOTO: 5 terrorists eliminated in Atyrau oblast in Kazakhstan 12 сентября 2012, 17:02

5 terrorists dead, 1 officer heavily wounded in near Atyrau. The police operation is linked to the recent explosion in the Kazakhstan city.
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The special operation's site. Photo courtesy of azh.kz The special operation's site. Photo courtesy of azh.kz
5 men, allegedly terrorists, have been eliminated in the course of a special operation in Kulsary town of Atyrau oblast on western Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports referring to the Prosecutor General’s press-service. “Today, September 12, 2012, law enforcement officers located several more people involved in the terrorist group’s activities in one of the apartment buildings of Microregion 1 of Kulsary town. An anti-terrorist operation was held to neutralize and apprehend them. A special regime was introduced in the area: it was cordoned, residents were evacuated,” the General Prosecutor’s message states. The suspects were blocked in one of the apartments of the five-storey building. They set off several explosives and started shooting at the officers before the special forces started storming the building. One of the officers was wounded. “The special operation left five men dead and one heavily wounded. There were no civilian casualties. An investigation is currently being held at the site,” the prosecutors say. The eliminated criminals are allegedly linked to the explosion that shook Atyrau on September 5. Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that there was a blast in a private house on Moldagulova street on September 5. Policemen discovered the body of a local citizen Nurlybek Sakauov born in 1991 at the site of the explosion. “During an investigation at the site three improvised explosive devices and components for more similar devices were located,” the Prosecutor General’s Office said. The explosion was later qualified as a terrorist act. It was later revealed that “Sakauov was plotting violence against law enforcement officials,” the Prosecutor General’s Office said. On September 9 the court issued an arrest warrant for four men, two of them locals, and all four of there were apprehended. They are considered part of the same terrorist group as the five men eliminated today. Kulsary town is a regional center of Zylyoy Region of Atyrau Oblast that is the more oil-most area in western Kazakhstan where Tengiz oil field and TengizChevroil's facilities are located. Kulsary is 220 km from Atyrau.

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