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TengizChevroil’s own negligence to blame for blackout and turbine failure 15 января 2013, 15:52

Several violations were discovered by the state commission during an off-schedule check of TengizChevrOil after the blackout caused by turbines failure.
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Photo by Danial Okassov© Photo by Danial Okassov©
The State Energy Control Department discovered several violations during an off-schedule check of TengizChevroil initiated after the accident that caused problems at one of the energy-generating turbines and a failure in the KEGOC system, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the press-service of the State Energy Control Commission of Kazakhstan Ministry of Industry and New Technologies. "Several violations were discovered during the check: TengizChevroil's technical personnel was not making scheduled checks of stubs connections, clamping units and wires of high-voltage lines for 110kW L-154 and L-155. At the moment of the check the dispatcher of TCO electrical system had no instruction on elimination of the emergency situations in the TCO energy system. It was also found that the existing remote protection units did not comply with the contractual obligations of TengizChevroil to KEGOC for the cases of emergency operation and repair of those lines. The failed coupling transformer T-6 had not been repaired. There was no emergency control automatics installed on the communication lines. Only one person was in control of TengizChevroil's energy system," the message states. According to the Commission, the off-schedule check for investigation of the reasons of the blackout at Tengiz field found that the technological breach happened because of a failure in the control system of turbine generator TG-9.1 with the load-relief of 57 MW into the general power system and further along the power lines of TengizChevroil. A stub on one of L-154 communication lines caught fire. TCO dispatcher made a decision to switch this line off without considering the capabilities of the remaining 110kW power line to carry the said power load. As as result of this actions the second line was switched off by the safety control system. "The protocol of administrative violations was made for violation of the rules of technical exploitation of power stations and networks and set energy consumption regimes, as well as for failure to follow the instructions and other recommendations of the state control authorities. The company is currently working on elimination of the said violations," the press-service writes. Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that the partial failure in power supply to production facilities of Tengiz on January 3 was caused by problems at one of the energy-generating turbines and a failure in KEGOC system. As a result, operations at the raw gas pumping unit and the second-generation plant was suspended for technological safety purposes. The State Energy Control Department reminded that none of TCO's gas-turbine power stations was certified for operations in the heating period. The submitted documents were returned to the company with instructions of the Department. The instructions have not implemented and the documents have not been re-submitted for the Department's consideration.

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