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TengizChevroil fined 2 billion tenge 27 октября 2011, 15:40

TCO made a blow-out of unconditioned gas exceeding the standards in July 2010.
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Illustration by tengrinews.kz Illustration by tengrinews.kz
Tengizchevroil was fined over 2 billion tenge ($13.6 million), Tengrinews.kz reports citing Kazakhstan's Supreme Court. Representatives of the Supreme Court told about the civil case on the claim of ecology department Zhaiyk-Kaspiy to Tengizchevroil demanding a compensation in the amount of 1,715,291,000 tenge ($11.7 million). As per the case, TCO made an emission of unconditioned gas exceeding the standards in July 2010. TengizChevroil, according to official representative of the Supreme Court Oksana Peters, accepted the violations stated by the ecology department. Atyrau interregional specialized economic court decided to fine TCO 1,715,291,566 tenge ($11.7 million). Appeals and cassational courts left the decision of the first court without changes.

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