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Photo courtesy of Lal Jose Facebook page Across 27 countries in 75 days: adventures of Indian filmmaker Lal Jose and his friends will drive across two continents, crossing 27 countries, including Kazakhstan, and covering 24,000 kilometers in 75 days with a message of good will.
16 июля 2014
Karaksu. Photo  © Kaskasu ski resort near Shymkent to be completed in 2019 Construction of the Kaskasu ski resort will be completed in 2019.
02 июля 2014
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan divides its cities into 3 categories Kazakhstan's cities will be divided into three categories for development purposes.
12 июня 2014
© Shymkent flooded by rain Heavy rains have flooded dozens of houses in Shymkent, in southern Kazakhstan on May 30, 2014.
02 июня 2014
Photo courtesy of Shymkent Oil Refinery modernization to involve 890 foreigners 890 foreign experts will be involved in reconstruction and modernization of the Shymkent Oil Refinery in southern Kazakhstan.
22 мая 2014
Consequences of the hurricane in Shymkent © Hurricane in Southern Kazakhstan: one dead, several injured A state of emergency was declared in the city of Shymkent on the eve of May 12. The hurricane damaged roofs, power lines, street lights, traffic lights all across the city.
14 мая 2014
© Windstorm uproots tree, kills zookeeper in Shymkent A windstorm has ripped off roofs, uprooted trees and even killed a person in Kazakhstan's southern city of Shymkent on May 12.
13 мая 2014
©RIA Novosti SCAT airplane lands on foam in Astana The emergency was declared because the pilot discovered that his plane had a problem with its nose landing gear when he was getting ready to land.
10 апреля 2014
Photo © RIA Novosty What is behind anti-vaccination movements in Kazakhstan? Every day there are more and more parents refusing to get their children vaccinated for religious reasons.
27 марта 2014
Photo a courtesy of 118 y.o supercentenarian dies in South Kazakhstan The oldest woman in Kazakhstan died at the age of 118.
23 марта 2014
Erlan Pernebekov. Photo from his personal page Kazakhstan Cycling Federation to help transportation body of cyclist who died of stroke The Kazakhstan Cycling Federation has expressed condolence to the family of the deceased cyclist Yerlan Pernebekov and promised to cover the transportation expenses.
19 марта 2014
Photo courtesy of Air Arabia launches Sharjah-Shymkent flight Airline company Air Arabia, the Middle East and North Africa’s largest low-cost carrier, has launched the flight Sharjah-Shymkent on March 16.
17 марта 2014
70 y.o couple. Photo© STV Channel Hot air balloon: a dream come true Hot air balloon in Shymkent for as little as $5.
11 марта 2014
© Wholesale stores on fire in South Kazakhstan Wholesale stores have been on fire near the railway station in Shymkent, Southern Kazakhstan.
27 февраля 2014
Astana. Photo © Marat Abilov Kazakhstan to develop 4 large cities: Nazarbayev President Nazarbayev named Astana, Almaty, Shymkent and Aktobe as the future urban centers of Kazakhstan in his address to the nation.
20 января 2014
© Altynai Zhumzhumina 3D/4D ultrasonography made in Shymkent 3D/4D ultrasonography devices are now being produced in Shymkent in southern Kazakhstan.
16 января 2014
Photo a courtesy of Kazakhstan under extreme cold weather alert Kazakhstan national weather service KazHydroMet has issued a extreme cold weather warning for 11 Kazakhstan Oblasts for January 4-6.
03 января 2014
Beibut Shumenov. Photo a courtesy of his page Professional boxer Beibut Shumenov is true renaissance man A story of a renaissance man Beibut Shumenov, 30, is one of willpower and the pursuit of greatness despite the spokes life put in his wheels.
20 декабря 2013
Shymkent. Photo courtesy of Governor tells about plans to turn Shymkent into metropolis Akim (Governor) of South Kazakhstan Oblast told about the plans to transform Shymkent city into a metropolis.
13 декабря 2013
Nursultan Nazarbayev. Photo © Marat Abilov Kazakhstan wants more large cities like Almaty and Astana Kazakhstan will focus on urban expansion of Astana, Almaty, Aktobe, Aktau and Shymkent and making them economic growth hubs.
30 ноября 2013

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