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Lifestyle disorders top health issues in Arab world Heart disease and stroke have replaced infectious disease as the top causes of early death in the Arab world, tracking the West in a trend towards lifestyle disorders.
21 января 2014
Photo a courtesy of Kazakhstan to develop science: Nazarbayev Nazarbayev instructed the state officials to increase financing of scientific research in Kazakhstan.
20 января 2014
Photo courtesy of Scientists apologise for failing to make girl a dragon Australia's national science agency issued a rare apology to a seven-year-old girl for not being able to make her a fire-breathing dragon, blaming a lack of research into the mythical creatures.
10 января 2014
'Exceptionally rare' conjoined whales found in Mexico Fishermen have found two conjoined gray whale calves in a northwestern Mexican lagoon, a discovery that a government marine biologist described as "exceptionally rare."
08 января 2014
©Reuters/Mariana Bazo Flu vaccine more effective for women than men: study The flu vaccine is generally less effective for men than for women, scientists said in a study Monday, tracing the effect to higher levels of testosterone that curb the immune response.
24 декабря 2013
©Reuters/Stuart McDILL Revealed: Vast water store beneath Greenland's ice A vast store of water equivalent in area to Ireland lies beneath Greenland's icesheet, and it may provide answers to one of the big riddles of climate change, scientists reported on Sunday.
23 декабря 2013
Maximilien de Robespierre. Photo courtesy of French Revolution's 'monster' gets modern diagnosis Depending on what you read, Maximilien de Robespierre was a defender of the poor and downtrodden -- "the Incorruptible" who defended the values of the French Revolution to the end.
21 декабря 2013
Shoukhrat Mitalipov Kazakhstan-born Mitalipov among Nature's Top 10 scientists of 2013 Kazakhstan-born Shoukhrat Mitalipov is among the Top 10 scientists, who have made the most significant breakthroughs this year.
20 декабря 2013
Photo © Science-driven economy is impossible without an effective education system: Nazarbayev Kazakhstan is going to focus on hard sciences to further enhance the country's growing economy.
06 декабря 2013
©Reuters/Scott Audette Chinese no longer banned from NASA astronomy meet Six Chinese scientists who were banned from a NASA astronomy conference are now welcome to register, resolving an international row over academic discrimination.
22 октября 2013
NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. ©Reuters/Robert Galbraith NASA vows to review ban on Chinese astronomers The US space agency Thursday vowed to reconsider the applications of Chinese scientists who were denied access to a NASA conference on security grounds.
11 октября 2013
NASA ban on Chinese scientists 'inaccurate': lawmaker A controversial decision by NASA to bar Chinese scientists from a conference on exoplanets next month was deemed "inaccurate" Tuesday by the US congressman who wrote the law.
09 октября 2013
Ronald Coase. Photo courtesy of Nobel economist Coase dies in US at 102 Ronald Coase, the British-born US economist who was awarded the Nobel prize in 1991, died on Tuesday in Chicago, the University of Chicago announced.
03 сентября 2013
Cute new critter found in South American forests A lap-sized critter that looks like a mix between a raccoon and a teddy bear was unveiled Thursday as the first new carnivore in the Western Hemisphere in 35 years.
17 августа 2013
Researchers propose new experiments on mutant bird flu Scientists proposed developing a more potent strain of the deadly H7N9 bird flu on Wednesday to examine how mutant forms might spread among humans, a topic that has stoked global alarm in the past.
09 августа 2013
First likely case of H7N9 bird flu spread by humans reported Chinese scientists on Wednesday reported the first likely case of direct person-to-person transmission of the H7N9 bird flu virus that has killed over 40 people since March.
07 августа 2013
US National Security Advisor Susan Rice. ©REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz USAID hails 'eureka moments' in infant, maternal health US National Security Advisor Susan Rice called for more "eureka moments" and "unorthodox partnerships."
01 августа 2013
US experts reject murder theory in scientist's death Two US pathologists on Wednesday supported Singapore police findings that an American scientist found hanged last year in the city-state committed suicide and was not murdered as his family claims.
23 мая 2013
A Nobel prize-winning scientist Peter Doherty. ©REUTERS/Melbourne University Publishing Nobel laureate plays down flu pandemic scaremongering A Nobel prize-winning scientist Tuesday played down "shock-horror scenarios" that a new virus strain will emerge with the potential to kill millions of people.
21 мая 2013
3D printer. ©REUTERS/Yves Herman Scientists use 3D printer to make tissue-like material British scientists have used a custom-made 3D printer to make living tissue-like material that could one day serve medical purposes.
06 апреля 2013

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