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Kazakhstan to develop science: Nazarbayev 20 января 2014, 16:31

Nazarbayev instructed the state officials to increase financing of scientific research in Kazakhstan.
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Photo a courtesy of whitebirdsproductions.com Photo a courtesy of whitebirdsproductions.com
In his State-of-the-Union Address on Friday Nazarbayev instructed the state officials to increase financing of scientific research in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports. According to Nazarbayev, development of science is key to science driven economy in Kazakhstan. In this regard he addressed several issues that require thorough consideration and planning. The President instructed the state officials to develop a plan for a gradual increase of funding of scientific research by September 1, 2014. “We need to attract foreign investments to bring knowledge and new technologies to out country, ” the President said. He added that the legislation has to be improved to support the development of science. “The legal framework for venture capital financing, intellectual property protection, research, innovations and commercialization of scientific research results should be improved, ” the Head of the State said. Nazarbayev believes that with a science driven foundation Kazakhstan will be able to stand in one line with highly developed nations in 10-15 years. The President pointed out that scientific research and economic development are interconnected. “We have to appeal to leading transnational mining and oil&gas companies to set up productions here in Kazakhstan to provide for their own needs and services. I know there are several companies that are interested in doing it. The government has to look into this issue and create the necessary conditions. We do not need to import foreign equipment if we can manufacture it all in our country, ” Nazarbayev noted optimistically. He also addressed the importance of maintaining and developing the already existing technology parks in Astana and Almaty. “The first intellectual and innovative cluster is successfully operating as part of the Nazarbayev University. In Almaty we have Alatau IT Park. It is important to stimulate large Kazakhstan companies to set up new productions in the technology parks,” concluded the President.

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