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Photo courtesy of Japan scientists can 'read' dreams: study Scientists in Japan said Friday they had found a way to "read" people's dreams, using MRI scanners to unlock some of the secrets of the unconscious mind.
05 апреля 2013
Photo courtesy of Canadian scientists charged with smuggling germs Canadian federal police on Wednesday charged two former government scientists with allegedly trafficking in dangerous and highly contagious germs.
04 апреля 2013
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan and U.S. doctors tap into anti-aging medicines Kazakhstan and U.S. scientists are planning to jointly study aging processes and methods of their retardation.
20 февраля 2013
©REUTERS/Mike Segar New Zealand dolphin faces extinction, group warns Scientists have urged New Zealand to take immediate action to protect the critically endangered Maui's dolphin, amid warnings the marine mammal could become extinct by 2030.
14 февраля 2013
Great Barrier Reef. Photo courtesy of Australian scientists discover deep sea corals Australian scientists mapping the Great Barrier Reef have discovered corals at depths never before thought possible, with a deep-sea robot finding specimens in waters nearly as dark as night.
04 января 2013
World's biggest, oldest trees are dying: research Scientists Friday warned of an alarming increase in the death rates of the largest living organisms on the planet, the giant, old trees that harbour and sustain countless birds and wildlife.
07 декабря 2012
Photo courtesy of Aussie scientists un-discover Pacific island A South Pacific island identified on Google Earth and world maps does not exist, according to Australian scientists who went searching for the mystery landmass during a geological expedition.
22 ноября 2012
US scientists outraged by Italy seismologist ruling US scientists on Tuesday joined global colleagues in expressing outrage at an Italian court's sentencing of six seismologists to jail for underestimating the risks of a 2009 earthquake.
23 октября 2012
Ancient star retains oddly youthful glow Scientists using a high-powered telescope in Chile have discovered an ancient star that seems oddly impervious to aging.
06 сентября 2012
Photo courtesy of Home wifi could be used for emergency responders Wireless routers for homes and offices could be knitted together to provide a communications system for emergency responders if the mobile phone network fails.
21 августа 2012
Climate change driving Australian fish south: report Australian scientists said Friday there was now "striking evidence" of extensive southward migration of tropical fish and declines in other species due to climate change, in a major ocean report card.
20 августа 2012
Photo courtesy of Australian jet lands in Antarctica on rescue mission An Australian government jet carrying a medical team made a successful landing on an icy runway in Antarctica Thursday to rescue a sick scientist from the United States' McMurdo Station base.
10 августа 2012
Adilet Imambekov. Photo courtesy of Famous Kazakhstan scientist died at Khan Tengri Outstanding Kazakhstan physicist Adilet Imambekov died in Khan Tengri mountains on the border of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan on July 19.
26 июля 2012
©RIA Novosti Chinese scientists got caught in snow close to Semei Semei rescue groups helped a group of Chinese scientists out of snowy steppes.
16 марта 2012
The remains of prehistoric animals that were found in Kostanay coal mine. The 7TV channel snapshot Dinosaur remains were found in Kostanay oblast Kostanay biologists have made a sensational finding in Kushmurun coal mine located in Kostanay oblast in the center-north of Kazakhstan.
03 декабря 2011
Akhmet Yassaui prophet Ahmet Yasawi manuscript found in Kokshetau museum A unique manuscript of legendary Divani Khikmet text, written by Khoja Ahmet Yasawi was found in Kokshetau museum.
18 ноября 2011
Students take training on methods for testing pesticide contamination in fresh fruits First International Food Safety Training Laboratory to teach 200 professionals per year The Lab opened last month. Foreign students are taking training on methods for testing pesticide contamination in fresh fruits and produce.
24 октября 2011
Photo from The flood-tolerant rice to be grown in Bangladesh It was developed by the University of California and the International Rice Research Center in the Philippines. Other crops are under research.
23 октября 2011
Petrean Archaeopteryx. Photo courtesy of Remains of huge bird of Dinosaurs Age found in Kazakhstan Remains of a huge bird that lived on Earth in Cretaceous geologic period at Dinosaurs Age were found at the territory of Kazakhstan.
11 августа 2011
Kazakh steppe emerged as a result of two meteorites Paleontologist Yevgeniy Yepanchev says that Kazakh steppe has come into existence as a result of the fall of two huge meteorites.
14 июня 2011

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