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Photo courtesy of Majority of Kazakhstan citizens trust TV more than printed media Demoscope Bureau of Express-Monitoring of Public Opinion has polled Kazakhstan citizens on the most trusted information sources.
17 июля 2012
©RIA Novosti Almost one-third of polled Kazakhstan residents don’t go to cinema Almost thirty percent of polled Kazakhstan residents don’t go to the movies, according to Kazakhstan by Institute of Political Solutions.
12 июля 2012
©REUTERS/Yorgos Karahalis Quarter of polled Kazakhstan citizens do not read books A poll on how frequently and what Kazakhstan citizens read was held in June 2012 among 2,307 people from 16 cities of Kazakhstan.
11 июля 2012
Girl is pouring a tea. ©RIA Novosti Majority of polled Kazakhstan citizens prefer to quench their thirst with tea Kazakhstan Institute of Political Solutions has made a survey of the beverages preferred by Kazakhstan citizens.
03 июля 2012
©Reuters Kazakhstan people have got about four hours of leisure time daily Kazakhstan citizens spend 2 hours and 46 minutes a day working and 4 hours and 18 minutes leisuring.
02 июля 2012
Majority of polled Kazakhstan residents stay home for vacation Institute of Political Solutions has polled Kazakhstan residents about the way they prefer to spend their summer vacation.
02 июля 2012
Visiting cafes with friends is the favourite pastime in Kazakhstan Polled Kazakhstan residents said they preferred meeting friends in cafes as their favorite pastime.
15 июня 2012
A flag of China Majority of Kazakhstan citizens support cooperation with China 44.8 percent of Kazakhstan citizens consider national interests a priority in relations with China.
25 мая 2012
Almaty citizens wish to be gender equal more than other Kazakhstan residents Almaty citizens wish to be gender equal more than other Kazakhstan residents.
14 мая 2012
©RIA Novosti Majority of Kazakhstan residents against raising retirement age for women: poll 81.1 percent of the polled citizens do not support the initiative of raising women's retirement age to 63.
10 мая 2012
Every fourth Kazakhstan citizen positive about entering WTO Every fourth Kazakhstan citizen is positive about the prospect of entering the World Trade Organization: poll.
26 апреля 2012 stock photo Every fifth Kazakhstan citizen seeks nepotism to register mortgage loan Every fifth Kazakhstan citizen is confident that nepotism is a key to obtaining mortgage loans in banks or another financial organizations.
15 февраля 2012
Voting. Photo by Danial Okassov© Three parties get into Kazakhstan parliament: Exit poll Institute of Social-Political Researches announced the results of its exit poll during Kazakhstan parliamentary elections.
16 января 2012 stock photo 89% of Kazakhstan respondents are ready to set up their own business: Poll results 89% of Kazakhstan-based respondents are ready to set up their own business.
13 января 2012
Photo by  Danial Okassov© Majority of Kazakhstan residents deem country's development correct A majority of the polled Kazakhstan residents think that the country is developing in the correct direction.
11 января 2012
Voting. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© Electoral activity of Kazakhstan residents increased: poll 77.5 percent of polled Kazakhstan residents will vote at parliamentary elections on January 15.
11 января 2012
Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© About 70% will vote in 2012 elections in Kazakhstan About 70% of Kazakhstan respondents will vote in January 15, 2012 elections.
27 декабря 2011
Paramedics are conducting the HIV tests. ©RIA Novosti Almost a half of HIV positive Kazakhstan citizens were fired A half of HIV positive respondents were fired and almost third of them were fired straight after the employers learned about their status.
26 декабря 2011
©RIA Novosti/Yekaterina Chesnokova Majority of Kazakh citizens confident that economic situation is improving Over 40 percent of Kazakhstan residents think that economic situation in Kazakhstan is improving.
01 декабря 2011
Nursultan Nazarbayev. Photo by ©Bolat Otarbayev Absolute majority of Kazakhstan residents trust Nursultan Nazarbayev The Institute of Political Solutions made an electoral rating of Kazakhstan political parties.
30 ноября 2011

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