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©REUTERS/Athar Hussain One third of Kazakhstan residents play computer games at work Almost one third of Kazakhstan employees spend their working time playing computer games.
30 ноября 2011 stock photo Prices growth is the main problem of Kazakhstan residents: poll Institute of Political Solutions made a rating of problems of Kazakhstan residents.
23 ноября 2011
Accident site in taraz. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan residents polled about organizers of terrorist attacks 23.9 percent of Kazakhstan residents out of 2,294 respondents blame the Soldiers of Khalifat, Taliban and other foreign extremist groups for the recent terrorist attacks in the country.
23 ноября 2011
©REUTERS/Olivia Harris Kazakhstan companies do not believe in new wave of economic crisis Over one half of Kazakhstan companies are not expecting the second wave of the economic crisis.
04 ноября 2011
©Yevgeniy Niknezhad Average wedding party in Kazakhstan costs $7 thousand An arranging of national wedding party in Kazakhstan costs on roughly one million tenge (more than $6.5 thousand dollars).
31 октября 2011
©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan residents concerned about growth of utilities costs the most Institute of Political Solutions made a rating of Kazakhstan residents' concerns.
31 октября 2011
Vladimir Putin. ©RIA Novosti Half of Kazakhstan residents see Putin as Russia's president Half of Kazakhstan residents see Russia’s Prime-Minister Vladimir Putin as future president of Russia.
21 октября 2011
©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan university graduates earn tree times more than their Belarusian peers announced results of the poll on salaries of young professionals in the Customs Union countries.
06 октября 2011
Experts forecast new wave of crisis in Kazakhstan in early 2012 Institute of Political Solutions held an expert poll called Evaluation of possibility of the new crisis wave and stableness of Kazakhstan economy.
30 сентября 2011
©REUTERS Half of Kazakhstan residents have no savings Institute of Political Solutions announced results of the poll called Crisis concerns and financial sustainability of Kazakhstan residents.
30 сентября 2011
Kazakhstan's special forces. ©RIA Novosti Every 3rd Kazakhstan resident anticipates religious extremism Almost 30 percent of Kazakhstan residents anticipate manifestations of religious extremism at the territory of the country.
26 сентября 2011 stock photo Every fifth respondent deems the work of Kazakhstan Ministry of Transport and Communications bureaucratized Over half of respondents (63.9 percent), are not very impressed with the quality of Transport Ministry's work.
15 сентября 2011
Air Astana planes in Almaty airport. Photo courtesy of Air fares too high for over half of Kazakhstan residents The Institute of Political Solutions made a poll on the cost of transportation in Kazakhstan.
13 сентября 2011
Buyers choosing stationery for a new school year. ©RIA Novosti Salaries of Kazakhstan residents are not enough to prepare kids for school Around 23 percent of Kazakhstan residents spent their whole month salaries to prepare their children to school and some even had to find additional sources of money.
06 сентября 2011
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan residents ready to change location for better job Results of the poll held on the official website of Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Karim Massimov.
03 сентября 2011
Half of West Kazakhstan citizens do not preclude terrorist attacks Three out of every ten Kazakhstanis do not exclude the possibility of terrorist attacks in Kazakhstan.
17 августа 2011
Photo courtesy of 13 percent of Kazakhstan residents would work without vacation for salary raise made an online-poll called “For salary raise I am ready to work…"
10 августа 2011
©REUTERS Kazakhstan citizens call for tougher control over religious organizations Over a half of polled Kazakhstan citizens (72.9 percent) called for toughening of control over religious organizations in the country.
05 июля 2011
Photo courtesy of Half of Kazakhstan employees ready to work for competitors 48 percent of polled employees in Kazakhstan would agree to work for their companies' competitors.
23 июня 2011
Photo courtesy of
One third of Russian citizens consider Kazakhstan the most Russia-friendly Russian citizens included Kazakhstan into the list of top 5 Russia-friendly countries.
04 июня 2011

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