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Visiting cafes with friends is the favourite pastime in Kazakhstan 15 июня 2012, 16:10

Polled Kazakhstan residents said they preferred meeting friends in cafes as their favorite pastime.
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Kazakhstan residents polled by the Institute of Political Solutions say that they preferred going to cafes with their friends as their favorite pastime, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing an opinion poll of the Institute of Political Solutions. The Institute’s sociologists decided to make the opinion poll to find out the favorite pastime of Kazakhstan residents. The poll was held in May 2012 and covered 2300 respondents from 16 major cities of Kazakhstan. According to the poll, the most frequent answer is: “I prefer meeting with friends in cafes.” 13.3% of the respondents choose this option. The second popular answer is "reading": 10% of the polled residents prefer spend their free time reading books. 9.3% of respondents choose "doing sports" option as their favorite pastime. One respondent out of every 12 spends his or her time listening to music or playing musical instruments. 8.4% of the pollees choose the music option. 8.1% like cooking, 7% prefer tourism and outdoor recreation, 6.5% like chatting in social networks, 6.3% like fishing, 2.9% like hunting, 5.3% like watching movies (in cinemas or on TV at home), 3.7% like knitting and needlework, 3.5% like dancing. Only 2.8% of respondents like making photos, and 2.6% can afford to like traveling to foreign countries. 1.3% like drawing, 1.1 like collecting coins, postcards, stamps. 0.8% like acting in theater groups. 0.7% of the pollees are interested in extreme sports like rafting and sky jumping. 5.5% of the polled Kazakhstan citizens have no hobbies and 0.9 % are still undecided about their favorite pastime. The Institute of Political Solutions' sociologists found the tree most popular answers among residents of each of the 16 locations that they polled. Astana respondents prefer reading (15.6%), sport (12.1%), meeting friends and going to the cinema (9.9%). Almaty citizens like reading (12.3%), meeting friends (11.6%), and listening to music (11.1%). The most favorite pastime of Aktau residents is doing sports, Kokshetau – tourism and outdoor recreation, Kostanay and Ust-Kamenogorsk – reading, Pavlodar – reading and cooking. Aktobe, Atyrau, Karaganda, Kyzylorda, Petropavlovsk, Taldukorgan, Uralsk and Shymkent residents prefer meeting friends. Taraz citizens like hunting.

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