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Majority of Kazakhstan residents deem country's development correct 11 января 2012, 18:14

A majority of the polled Kazakhstan residents think that the country is developing in the correct direction.
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Photo by  Danial Okassov© Photo by Danial Okassov©
A majority of the polled Kazakhstan residents think that the country is developing in the correct direction, Tengrinews.kz reports citing a poll held by the Democracy Institute Scientific-Research Association. 1,500 respondents from all 14 oblasts plus Astana and Almaty cities answered questions on electoral mood. One of the questions was: “What do you think, is Kazakhstan developing in right or wrong direction?” “According to the results of the poll, 97 percent of Kazakhstan residents think that Kazakhstan, in general, is developing in the correct direction. 85 percent of them replied 'in definitely correct direction', another 12 percent said ‘rather correct’,” Projects Manager of Democracy Institute Scientific-Research Association Yuliya Kuchinskaya said at the briefing. Electoral activity of Kazakhstan residents keeps growing. 78.3 percent of respondents are ready to vote on elections on January 15. “According to the poll, the level of electoral activities of the population has grown during the election campaigning and is currently 78.3 percent,” Kuchinskaya said. Answering the question “Will you vote in the Majilis and Maslikhat elections on January 15”, 69.3 percent of respondents firmly stated their decision to vote. Another 10 percent said that they will most probably vote. “Thus, electoral activity went 8.6 percent up during the election campaign,” Kuchinskaya stated. The poll showed the following ratings of the parties: Nur Otan (80.1 percent), Ak Zhol (7.3 percent), Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan (7.1 percent), National Social-Democratic Party (1.9 percent), Adilet (1.3 percent), Patriots’ Party of Kazakhstan (0.8 percent), Ayul (0.5 percent). 1 percent of respondents did not make up their mind.
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