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Kazakhstan people have got about four hours of leisure time daily 02 июля 2012, 17:38

Kazakhstan citizens spend 2 hours and 46 minutes a day working and 4 hours and 18 minutes leisuring.
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The Statistics Agency of Kazakhstan has conducted a research named Time budget implementation by population of Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing the press-service of the Agency. The Agency has found out that Kazakhstan citizens spend a major part of their daily average time (12 hours and 11 minutes) on individual care that is sleep and meals. It takes the residents 3 hours and five minutes to keep their houses tidy, 51 minutes to get to places (transportation time) and 49 minutes to study. It is peculiar how much difference there is between the daily average time that Kazakhstan citizens spend on work and their free time. According to the Statistics Agency, Kazakhstan citizens spend 2 hours and 46 minutes working hours and 4 hours and 18 minutes on their leisure time. 33 830 respondents over 10 years old took part in the research. According to the results of a recent opinion poll conducted by the Institute of Political Solutions, visiting cafes with friends is the most favorite pastime of Kazakhstan residents.

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