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25.04.2013 15:40 People
57-y.o. woman went skydiving in Pavlodar to support the retirement reform in Kazakhstan.
27.03.2013 15:30 Companies
February 4 Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev commissioned the Fund to exit the earlier bailed-out banks within a year’s time.
13.03.2013 10:34 Laws, Initiatives
The changes should be gradual. For women who will be retiring before 2018 the retirement age will be annually raised by half a year within the following 10 years: Labor Minister.
28.02.2013 14:22 Finance
The Australian government's pension fund for public servants Thursday announced it would sell off its Aus$222 (US$228) million holdings in tobacco companies following the nation's move towards plain packaging.
27.02.2013 18:14 Finance
Should the amendments be passed in the autumn only, no consolidation could take place.
26.02.2013 17:01 Finance
Kazakhstan private pension funds were over-investing in public securities inside Kazakhstan and under-investing abroad: Marchenko.
19.02.2013 13:23 Finance
A foreign company interested in the local market suggestion to merge all the Kazakhstan pension funds into one and transfer it to foreigners for management was made in 2010: source.
19.02.2013 12:11 Politics
Kazakhstan Vice-PM Kelimbetov deflated the rumors that the government was planning to use the funds of the coming single pension fund to finance the EXPO.
08.02.2013 18:02 Finance
Savings in Kazakhstan's pension funds grew 20.1 percent and made 3.2 trillion tenge ($20.7 billion) in 2012.
07.02.2013 14:06 Markets
According to him, in the long run the Government may need money to cover the budget deficit or finance some state-run projects and there might be a temptation to rely on pension savings.
07.02.2013 12:50 Finance
They can be transformed into asset management companies; they can be transformed into pension funds working with voluntary savings schemes; or they can wind up and exit the market: Gregory Marchenko.
07.02.2013 12:32 Markets
Pension savings are to be consolidated into a single pension fund by July 1, 2013.
06.02.2013 20:07 Finance
Creation of the single pension fund does not mean nationalizing of pension savings: the savings will still be owned by the citizens: Vice-PM of Kazakhstan.
06.02.2013 11:03 Finance
Although the number of issuers will decrease, there will be one powerful investor (…) the investment rules are expected to be liberalized: Kadyrzhan Damitov.
29.01.2013 02:15 Markets
According to him, the Government is to hire an assessment company to fairly and independently evaluate the assets so that they could be bought out later on at a fair market value.
28.01.2013 12:38 Finance
According to him, if there is a single pension fund managed directly by the Government or by the National Fund, there will be no deals closed with affiliated companies.
28.01.2013 12:08 Finance
President made the decision to the benefit of the nation (…) and it will be brought to life, Central Bank Governor pledged.
25.01.2013 06:45 Finance
According to him, the Government suggests channeling the money to support S&MBs within the Business Development Roadmap – 2020 as well as to finance infrastructure projects.
24.01.2013 14:42 Markets
According to him, the measure will provide finances for long-term infrastructure projects that are badly needed.
24.01.2013 13:54 Markets
I don’t think there will be literally a single pension fund. The point was to introduce a single system to manage pension accounts: Erbolat Dossayev.
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