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04.01.2014 13:12 Markets
A German businessman wanted to buy a horse from Kazakhstan for 350 thousand Euro.
23.12.2013 11:30 Sport
Singaporean businessman Peter Lim has made a bid to take over financially stricken La Liga side Valencia and wipe out its debts, the club's president Amadeo Salvo announced on Sunday.
15.12.2013 17:09 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan is considering setting up production of electronic monitoring ankle-bracelets in one of its prisons.
05.11.2013 16:37 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan has offered Kyrgyzstan to use its KazSat communication satellites together.
21.10.2013 16:02 Politics
French President Francois Hollande has been attacked from all sides for offering a deported Roma schoolgirl the chance to return to France without her family.
29.07.2013 17:48 Politics
South Korea sent its "final" proposal Monday for talks with North Korea over the fate of a shuttered joint industrial zone.
29.03.2013 15:34 Companies
Swedish telecoms operator Tele2 on Thursday announced it had agreed to sell its Russian subsidiary to Russian state bank VTB.
27.03.2013 10:25 Companies
A bidding war broke out Monday for US computer maker Dell as two new acquisition offers emerged in competition with the private buyout led by founder Michael Dell.
19.07.2012 14:23 Finance
President Hu Jintao said Thursday China would offer $20 billion in new loans to Africa, as he delivered a speech to a Beijing forum on co-operation with the resource-rich continent.
14.07.2012 10:41 Politics
Seoul is considering an offer by Tehran to send crude on Iranian tankers to South Korea, officials said Friday, as a way to circumvent EU sanctions and resume imports of oil from Iran.