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15.12.2013 17:09 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan is considering setting up production of electronic monitoring ankle-bracelets in one of its prisons.
04.11.2013 18:00 Crime
Doctors and nurses tasked with monitoring the health of terror suspects were complicit in abuses committed at prisons run by the Pentagon and the CIA.
11.06.2013 12:27 Internet
European governments' ability to monitor citizens' online activity on security grounds has increased significantly in recent years.
06.06.2013 13:56 Politics
The US National Security Agency, during the Barack Obama administration has pursued wide-scale monitoring of the telephone records of millions of Americans.
26.04.2013 10:45 Politics
Growing speculation that the Syrian regime is using chemical weapons is turning up the heat on President Barack Obama, who has warned such a move would be a game changer.
07.03.2013 13:44 Internet
Google says the FBI is monitoring the Web for potential terrorist activity. But it can't confirm the extent of the surveillance.
09.01.2013 11:09 Health
If you come to a fork on the Internet, take it. It may end up being beneficial to your health.
08.11.2012 14:43 Politics
The 2012 US elections were conducted in a "professional manner," but "real concerns" remain, international observers said Wednesday.
04.11.2012 19:31 Politics
International observers have fanned out across some 40 US states to monitor next week's elections, a State Department official said Friday, adding problems with some states were being ironed out.
26.10.2012 14:30 Politics
The southern US state of Texas has warned it could prosecute election observers from the OSCE, a global body that regularly monitors voting around the world, if they try to visit polling stations next month.
23.10.2012 17:30 Disasters
Government radiation monitoring in areas near Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is unreliable, Greenpeace charged on Tuesday, with heavily populated areas exposed to 13 times the legal limit.
24.09.2012 15:57 Politics
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his rival Henrique Capriles are satisfied with logistical preparations ahead of the arrival of election monitors from the Union of South American Nations.
12.06.2012 19:22 Environment
We are more concerned over creation of a powerful monitoring system at the Caspian Sea, which we lack completely: Kazakhstan Minister.