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30.10.2012 12:38 Politics
On October 31 Kazakhstan Foreign Minister Yerlan Idrissov will meet with the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatović.
22.10.2012 18:00 Strange News
Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld on Sunday denied having called French President Francois Hollande an "idiot", suggesting the purported remark reported in a magazine came from a mistranslation.
13.10.2012 18:45 People
European newspapers on Saturday praised the decision to award this year's Nobel Peace prize to the EU, with the notable exception of the British press, most of which poured scorn on the decision.
02.10.2012 11:58 Crime
The hearings on the case of Kazakhstan tycoon Alidzhan Ibragimov against Vremya magazine and journalist Gennady Benditskiy have finished in Almaty.
26.09.2012 19:53 Politics
President’s official website and Twitter-account are considered equally valid and the only official sources of information about activities of the President and the Presidential Administration: press-service.
18.09.2012 10:27 People
Britain's royal family said on Sunday it would seek legal damages from French magazine Closer as it tries to prevent the spread of topless photos of Prince William's wife Catherine.
17.09.2012 17:53 People
Marina Berlusconi, the daughter of Italy's former prime minister and the head of publishing house Mondadori, on Sunday defended the publication of topless photos of Prince William's wife Catherine.
17.09.2012 13:00 Politics
Britain's royal family takes to the courts Monday to try to stop the spread of topless photos of Prince William's wife Catherine, but an Italian magazine plans to devote 26 pages to the grainy snaps.
15.09.2012 18:46 People
The British press rushed to the defence of Prince William's wife Catherine on Saturday after grainy topless pictures of her were printed in a French gossip magazine.
14.09.2012 17:40 People
Prince William and his wife Catherine reacted with fury after a French magazine published topless photos of her, saying it raised the spectre of press harassment of William's mother Diana.
14.09.2012 12:33 People
Britain's Prince William and his wife Catherine were "saddened" by a French magazine's claims it would publish topless photos of her.
13.09.2012 13:59 Politics
Self-exiled Russian oligarch and Kremlin foe Boris Berezovsky was involved in organising Pussy Riot's performance in a Moscow cathedral.
04.09.2012 18:53 People
Britain's Prince Harry on Monday made light of his recent exploits in his first public appearance since naked photographs of him in a Las Vegas hotel room surfaced on the internet.
01.09.2012 14:25 Cinema, Music
French film "Superstar" shone a harsh spotlight on celebrity culture at the Venice festival this week.
25.08.2012 15:00 Strange News
Britain's press thrashed out Saturday whether The Sun newspaper had done the right thing by eventually publishing pictures of a naked Prince Harry cavorting with similarly-clad women in Las Vegas.
24.08.2012 18:26 Companies
Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Australian-born tycoon Rupert, urged the media to concentrate on morals as well as profit during a speech to television executives in Scotland on Thursday.
17.08.2012 11:51 Politics
British media still has not apologized to Aleksandre Vinokourov for calling him a “Nowhere Man” after his victory in the race at the London Olympics.
30.07.2012 14:32 Politics
As celebrity wedding announcements go, North Korea's was terse. It was probably also three years out of date.
17.07.2012 11:12 Markets
Demoscope Bureau of Express-Monitoring of Public Opinion has polled Kazakhstan citizens on the most trusted information sources.
16.07.2012 10:54 Sport
With less than two weeks to go before the Olympic Games, hordes of competitors are pouring into London from across the globe and limbering up -- but they're not athletes.
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