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 French satirical newspaper high on jihadist hit-list Long before being targeted in massacre in Paris, satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo had been considered high on the potential hit-list for jihadists.
08 января 2015
Soviet crooner Iosif Kobzon of Russia. ©REUTERS Ukraine TV lands in hot water over Russian pop songs One of Ukraine's biggest TV networks faced the threat of being taken off air for filling its highly-rated New Year's Eve show with Russian pop songs beamed live from Moscow.
03 января 2015
Turkey arrests 27 in swoop on anti-Erdogan media Turkish police arrested the editor of Turkey's biggest-selling newspaper and 26 others in lightning raids on supporters of a US-based cleric.
15 декабря 2014
Zhomart Yertayev ©Yaroslav Radlovsky First regional media forum takes place in Kazakhstan. How competitive are Kazakh media? The first regional media forum has taken place in Kazakhstan to address the problems faced by Kazakhstani media outlets, including competitiveness and information security.
11 декабря 2014
Political analyst Dosym Satpayev. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan Press-club Kazakhstan's information security is feeble: expert Kazakh political analyst Dosym Satpayev called information security of Kazakhstan weak and stressed that this could lead to a strongly divided society as was exemplified by the situation in Ukraine.
25 ноября 2014
Obama doing 'insipid job', China paper says ahead of visit China's state-run media decried Barack Obama as a banal leader who has done an "insipid job", days ahead of a visit by the US president.
05 ноября 2014
Partial solar eclipse sweeps across North America A partial solar eclipse swept across much of North America, triggering floods of blurry pictures of a crescent-shaped sun on Twitter and other social media.
24 октября 2014
The logo for HBO,Home Box Office, the American premium cable television network. ©Reuters HBO stand-alone streaming service coming in 2015 US media giant Time Warner said Wednesday it would launch a stand-alone HBO streaming service next year.
16 октября 2014
French ceremony honours slain war correspondents France Hundreds of colleagues, friends and family paid tribute Thursday to the numerous journalists killed over the past year, including US reporter James Foley.
10 октября 2014
Bezos to integrate WaPost app in new Kindle: report Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos plans to tie the newspaper to his Amazon empire with a built-in Kindle tablet news app to reach a wider audience.
07 октября 2014
Spain newspaper El Pais launches site in Catalan Spain's top-selling newspaper El Pais launched an online edition in Catalan.
07 октября 2014
©Reuters Russia's biggest social network gets new CEO Russia's biggest social network VKontakte appointed a new chief executive after the removal of its maverick founder Pavel Durov earlier this year.
18 сентября 2014
Photo courtesy of © Russia to probe Euronews over 'Putin target practice' video Russia said it would probe Euronews after the news channel broadcast footage of Ukrainian fighters using the portrait of Vladimir Putin, styled as Hitler.
16 сентября 2014
©Reuters Snapchat valued at $10 bln: reports US media reported that Snapchat was valued at $10 billion based on funding pumped into the startup by a Silicon Valley venture capital firm.
27 августа 2014
US TV season rich in mystery and horror As American TV viewers await the Emmy Awards honoring last year's programs, the new season opened this summer and it is rich in stars.
22 августа 2014
Spy chief warns Australians becoming 'extremist propagandists' Australians are becoming key players in the successful "social media wars" being waged from Iraq and Syria, the country's spy chief has warned.
13 августа 2014
©Reuters With fresh investment, BuzzFeed expands anew The social news group BuzzFeed unveiled a major new expansion plan, using a fresh infusion of $50 million in venture capital.
12 августа 2014
Sky News apologises for rummaging through MH17 luggage British broadcaster Sky News apologised after one of its presenters searched through luggage at the crash site of downed flight MH17 live on air.
21 июля 2014
Kazakh-language magazine Anyz Adam April issue depicts Adolf Hitler ©Yaroslav Radlovsky Kazakh editor ordered to pay damages for edition devoted to Adolf Hitler Almaly District Сourt No.2 ordered the editor of the now infamous in Kazakhstan Anyz Adam magazine to pay $71,000 in damages following a claim brought up by war veterans.
30 июня 2014
©RIA Novosti Danish hostage freed in Syria after 13 months A Danish freelance photographer has been freed after being held hostage in Syria for 13 months, the Danish government said.
20 июня 2014

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