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16.01.2013 17:45 Crime
South Korean police on Wednesday said North Korea was behind a cyber-attack that paralysed operations at a major conservative newspaper last year.
15.01.2013 10:28 Environment
Anger mounted in China Monday over pollution which reached hazardous levels in recent days, with state media questioning the nation's breakneck development and government transparency over air quality.
12.01.2013 13:07 Laws, Initiatives
Action by China's leaders to contain a row that saw rare protests against censorship shows there is no consensus for immediate change, analysts say, despite rising calls for press freedom and other reforms.
11.01.2013 16:33 Unrest
Truth is said to be the first casualty of war, but Khaled al-Khatib and a small group of journalists running a new newspaper in Syria's rebel-held territories are determined to keep the patient alive.
05.01.2013 14:54 Crime
Last year was one of the deadliest on record for journalists, with 141 killed in 29 different countries and Syria the most dangerous place on earth for reporters.
31.12.2012 12:41 Unrest
Lama al-Khadra summed up her work for Radio Damascus with a grim phrase: "Our mission was to kill with words."
21.12.2012 16:45 Strange News
As the village of Sirince waited for what some say is an apocalypse from which the tiny Turkish hamlet will be spared, its streets were teeming not with doomsayers but a hoard of disappointed journalists.
13.12.2012 17:37 Finance
Texas financier and media magnate Joe Allbritton, who lost the scandal-racked Riggs bank to a hostile takeover after it was fined for helping Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet launder money, has died at the age of 87.
13.12.2012 14:25 Laws, Initiatives
The man who led the inquiry into Britain's phone-hacking scandal has warned that bloggers and tweeters should be subject to the same laws as traditional media outlets to prevent a decline in standards of journalism.
06.12.2012 14:17 People
Dame Elisabeth Murdoch was not just a leading philanthropist but also matriarch of one of the world's most powerful families and a key confidant to son Rupert as he built his global media empire.
05.12.2012 13:26 People
News that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, aka Prince William and wife Kate, are having a baby lifted Americans' fascination with the British royal family to new heights on Tuesday.
03.12.2012 13:57 Companies
Rupert Murdoch's top newspaper lieutenant in Britain is to leave his post at the end of the year, it was announced Sunday, heralding the start of a major shake-up at parent company News Corporation.
01.12.2012 19:01 Laws, Initiatives
Britain's newspapers on Friday praised senior judge Brian Leveson's report into media ethics but warned its recommendation to introduce new laws could "suffocate the free press".
26.11.2012 18:03 Crime
Former Kazakhstan ambassador to Austria Rakhat Aliyev hiding in Malta tried to buy into Maltese media a year ago.
26.11.2012 13:58 Politics
Kazakhstan MP Aigul Solovyova expressed her opinion on the lawsuit to ban opposition media in Kazakhstan.
26.11.2012 11:11 Politics
Britain would be moving in the opposite direction to many countries if it introduced tougher regulation of the media, Mayor of London Boris Johnson has said during a visit to India.
25.11.2012 12:51 Finance
Prime Minister David Cameron secured a decent result for Britain at the European Union budget summit, Britain's newspapers said Saturday, while warning that his good fortune may not last.
23.11.2012 19:14 Crime
Google, Facebook, Twitter and LiveJournal are on the list of defendants in Almaty prosecutors’ case to close several Kazakhstan opposition media outlets.
01.11.2012 13:23 Entertainment, Style
Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown was Thursday granted a interim restraining order against a well-known Australian paparazzo who she claimed threatened her and put her life at risk.
31.10.2012 11:05 Finance
French tax authorities have made a billion-euro ($1.3 billion) claim against Google to pressure it in a dispute over compensation to media websites.
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