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28.05.2013 14:04 Companies
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro on Monday accused US-based news network CNN en Espanol of working to promote a coup d'etat as part of a wider media war against his socialist government.
17.05.2013 17:06 Politics
Kazakhstan media has to form up its own policy and position when covering international scandals that allegedly involve Kazakhstan citizens: President of Kazakhstan Press Club.
10.05.2013 18:05 Sport
Australia's Ten Network television has offered Cricket Australia Aus$500 million (US$505 million) in cash for coverage rights over the next five years.
08.05.2013 11:26 Emergencies
The investigation into the fire is currently underway to find out its causes.
30.04.2013 14:41 Companies
Internet television Tengrinews TV, a new project of Alash Media Group media holding, was presented at the international exhibition Internet Avenue-2013 in Almaty.
23.04.2013 19:21 Politics
The 11th Eurasian Media Forum will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan.
18.04.2013 13:42 Laws, Initiatives
A press freedom group Thursday criticised a ruling that bans Chinese journalists from quoting foreign news outlets without permission, a move that further tightens Beijing's control of the media.
17.04.2013 11:26 Health
Photos of 10 dead sparrows on a Chinese pavement which went viral on social media and drew a swift official response show how hard covering up a bird flu outbreak would be in the Internet age.
20.03.2013 15:38 Laws, Initiatives
The British government has insisted that bloggers and posts on social media would not be caught by a new system of press regulation, but campaigners warned the new rules could be open to interpretation.
18.03.2013 14:57 Industry, Infrastructure
The US newspaper industry is seeing some glimmers of hope after being battered for years.
13.03.2013 14:28 Laws, Initiatives
Australia defended proposed media reforms arising from Britain's phone-hacking scandal Wednesday after a heated backlash from Rupert Murdoch's local operations, which labelled them dictatorial.
06.03.2013 17:15 Markets
Majilis deputy Aldan Smaiyl has suggested to axe journalism schools in private universities and open one media institute instead.
02.03.2013 13:46 Politics
The Venezuelan government lashed out Friday at a wave of rumors about the fate of ailing President Hugo Chavez, branding it "psychological warfare" aimed at destabilizing the nation.
26.02.2013 18:39 Crime
Pursuing the lawsuits filed by BTA Bank against its former head Mukhtar Ablyazov, the London High Court has expanded the list of his assets and companies banned from any transactions.
13.02.2013 19:13 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan TV channels will be available at the territory of 110 countries and the presence of the printed media on the Internet will reach 95 percent of their total number: expert.
12.02.2013 12:22 People
The world's media Tuesday speculated on whether the next pontiff may come from the developing world, while paying mixed tributes to Pope Benedict XVI following his shock resignation announcement.
01.02.2013 11:41 Sport
This Sunday, nearly 180 million Americans will settle in front of TV sets with beer and chicken wings and, over four hours, watch commercials interrupted by an American football game.
25.01.2013 18:55 Politics
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised Wednesday that the United States would use the Internet and social media in its fight against Al-Qaeda and other extremist Islamist groups.
24.01.2013 12:26 Politics
The Cairo cafe is packed with patrons in stitches as television host Bassem Youssef fires his caustic criticism at President Mohamed Morsi, but post-revolution media freedoms have proved no laughing matter for some.
23.01.2013 10:22 People
Britain's Prince Harry described his "anger" at the media and accused newspapers of printing "rubbish" and depriving him of a private life in comments released as he completed his tour of duty Monday.
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