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05.02.2015 14:31 Politics
Mexico's embattled President Enrique Pena Nieto has sparked a social media storm over an off-the-cuff remark he made about not getting applauded.
30.01.2015 17:18 Sport
Golovkin gets two magazine covers and more music videos.
21.01.2015 15:12 Politics
Press freedom is increasingly "under siege," US Secretary of State John Kerry warned as he paid tribute to the slain journalists of the Charlie Hebdo.
20.01.2015 16:17 Unrest
The furious backlash against French magazine Charlie Hebdo's cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed rumbled on with a huge rally in Chechnya.
19.01.2015 16:52 Crime
Could the January 7 Charlie Hebdo attack have been a secret service operation, or perhaps an anti-Muslim plot?
17.01.2015 13:46 Entertainment, Style
French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has sold 1.9 million copies of its latest issue, which has provoked protests by Muslims around the globe.
15.01.2015 11:26 Politics
French President Francois Hollande proclaimed that "Charlie Hebdo is alive and will live on".
14.01.2015 15:20 Entertainment, Style
French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo published its first edition since Islamist gunmen killed 12 people in an attack on its offices.
12.01.2015 14:23 Unrest
Millions marched against terrorism in the largest protests France has ever seen, led by world leaders in Paris uniting in tribute to the victims of Islamist attacks.
12.01.2015 11:37 Crime
The weapons wielded by gunmen sowing mayhem at Charlie Hebdo magazine and a Jewish supermarket in Paris this week were powerful but available in France.
12.01.2015 10:55 Crime
Around 2,000 people gathered in London to honour the victims of Islamist attacks in Paris, many raising pencils to the sky in memory of those killed.
10.01.2015 15:42 Politics
President Barack Obama rallied to the support of France after the bloody end to hostage sieges in Paris.
10.01.2015 12:04 Politics
France "faced down" Islamists who were behind the deaths of 17 people in three days of attacks but still remains threatened.
10.01.2015 11:12 Crime
A man taken hostage by the two gunmen who carried out the Charlie Hebdo massacre gave them the slip as commandos launched an assault that killed the Islamist brothers
10.01.2015 10:48 Crime
British Prime Ministe said he would join in the mass rally being staged in Paris in the wake of the massacre at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.
09.01.2015 12:32 Crime
Britain has stepped up security at ports serving France following the Islamist massacre in Paris, officials said.
09.01.2015 10:51 Crime
In an America still scarred by the September 11, 2001 attacks there has been an outpouring of support for France after the attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo
08.01.2015 16:48 Emergencies
Kazakhstani journalists have laid flowers near the French Consulate in Almaty to honor the victims of the terrorist attack at the French Charlie Hebdo newspaper.
08.01.2015 15:12 Crime
Hollywood voiced solidarity with French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.
08.01.2015 13:54 Emergencies
Spain upgraded its anti-terrorist security level a notch, hours after an attack on French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo that left 12 dead.
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