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Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© Joint emergency response center opened in Almaty Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan created a joint center for emergency response and disaster risk reduction.
21 августа 2011
Photo courtesy of Kazakhs are better beer drinkers than Kyrgyzs Kazakhstan residents drink 4 times more beer than Kyrgyzs. Kyrgyzstan residents drank 49.8 million liters of beer in 2010, which is 47 percent of the total volume of alcohol consumption.
15 августа 2011
©RIA Novosti Desert Eagle-2011 military training started in Almaty Oblast More than 1400 military men from Kazakhstan, the United States, Great Britain, Lithuania and Kyrgyzstan are taking part in the event.
09 августа 2011
3.3 earthquake shook Kazakh-Kyrgyz border The earthquake was felt near Almaty at 2:52 a.m. local time. No damage or casualties have been reported.
08 августа 2011
© RIA Novosti Regular flights launched between Almaty and Tamchy in Kyrgyzstan The regular flights aboard AN-24 [capable of carrying 46 passengers] will be performed twice a week throughout the high tourist season. A return ticket will cost $226.
04 июля 2011
Vacation at Issyk-Kul lake. Photo courtesy of Number of Kazakhstan tourists in Kyrgyzstan grew 40 percent Over 35 thousand Kazakhstan tourists traveled to Kyrgyzstan in June, this is 35-40 percent higher than in 2010.
04 июля 2011
Issyk Kul. stock photo Kyrgyzstan guarantees four Issyk Kul resorts remain in Kazakhstan’s ownership June 17, 2010 Vice Head of the Kyrgyz Interim Government Azimbek Beknazarov stated that in the nearest future he was to prepare a document to nationalize the four resorts earlier transferred to Kazakhstan.
01 июля 2011
Kazakhstan to invest to neighboring Kyrgyzstan The two nations have agreed to establish a joint venture fund of $100 million.
24 июня 2011
Kyrgyzstan offers Samruk Kazyna investment opportunities Besides, at today’s meeting of the Kyrgyz Government with the Kazakh delegation the sides discussed a possible joint investment fund of $100 million.
23 июня 2011
Samruk Kazyna may bid for KyrgyzMobile Company Executives of Samruk-Kazyna Sovereign Wealth Fund will be visiting Kyrgyzstan within a few days.
22 июня 2011
Chinese free economic zone to emerge at Kazakhstan’s border China is planning to establish two free economic zones in Kashgar and Khorgos to boost trade turnover.
20 июня 2011
Photo courtesy of International poker series kicked off in Almaty Kazakhstan is hosting its first international poker series. If the debut is successful Kazakhstan could become a Central Asian poker Mecca.
20 июня 2011
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev© Nazarbayev to visit Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev will visit Kyrgyzstan in August 2011.
16 июня 2011
©REUTERS 6-7 magnitude earthquakes expected in Central Asia Central Asian countries are considered to be a high seismic risk zone and 6-7 magnitude quakes are possible in the area in the coming years.
14 июня 2011
Kyrgyzstan President Roza Otunbayeva. ©RIA Novosti Kyrgyzstan must learn from ethnic clashes: president President Roza Otunbayeva said Kyrgyzstan must learn from the ethnic clashes that left hundreds dead last year.
10 июня 2011
First Vice Prime-Minister of Kyrgyzstan Omurbek Babanov. Photo courtesy of Kyrgyz-Kazakh investment fund to open in Bishkek Kazakhstan is planning to invest into Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyz-Kazakh investment fund will be created in Kyrgyzstan with the capital of $100 million.
09 июня 2011
Astana. Photo courtesy of Budget of Astana exceeds the budget of Kyrgyzstan The budget of Astana is larger than the budget of Kyrgyzstan: Nursultan Nazarbayev.
07 июня 2011
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan needs to limit power import from Kyrgyzstan Vice-Minister of Industry and New Technologies called to limit consumption of electricity imported from Kyrgyzstan.
31 мая 2011
89% percent of Kyrgyz power consumed by Astana 430.5 million kW/hours of electric power was exported to Astana from Kyrgyzstan; this accounts for 89 percent of the export from Kyrgyzstan.
22 мая 2011
Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev© President of China to visit Kazakhstan in June 2011 An official meeting of Kazakhstan Foreign Minister Yerzhan Kazykhanov with his counterparts from Kyrgyzstan, China and Tajikistan was held in Almaty.
16 мая 2011

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