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Photo ©REUTERS Consortium and Kazakh government agree on stages of Kashagan development Members of the Kashagan project have signed a memorandum with the Kazakhstan Government on stages of the oilfield's development.
18 июня 2014
©REUTERS Transition to new Kashagan operator started in May: NCOC North Caspian Operating Company (NCOC) informed that the transition to a new operator of the Kashagan project started back in May 2014.
18 июня 2014
©REUTERS S&P lowers Kazakhstan's credit-rating outlook to Negative Standard & Poor’s has changed Kazakhstan’s credit-rating outlook from Stable to to Negative.
16 июня 2014
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev ©REUTERS Nazarbayev worried about Kashagan Kazakhstan’s president Nursultan Nazarbayev expressed concern about the development of the Kashagan oil field during his meeting with the CEO of Italian Eni Claudio Descalzi.
13 июня 2014
Kashagan oil field. ©REUTERS Exxon may take over as Kashagan operator Exxon Mobil, an American major multinational oil and gas corporation and world’s third largest company by revenue, may take over as Kashagan's new operator.
07 июня 2014
Photo ©REUTERS New operator for Kashagan to be launched by September 2014 The new operator will comprise best specialists employed with member companies of the consortium: Oil Minister Uzakbai Karabalin.
27 мая 2014
©REUTERS Vice Minister of Oil and Gas on Kashagan According to the country’s Minister of Economic Affairs Yerbolat Dossayev, the suspension of the project resulted in losing 0.5% of the GDP in 2014.
22 мая 2014
Kashagan oil field. ©Reuters Counting losses from Kashagan suspension Losses from the forthcoming two-year suspension of the Kashagan oilfield development project in Kazakhstan are estimated at two billion dollars in the least.
11 мая 2014
Photo ©REUTERS New operating company for Kashagan Kashagan project in Kazakhstan may get a new operatoring company in the nearest future.
08 мая 2014
©REUTERS North Caspian Operating Company planning full replacement of pipelines at Kashagan Given the risks of further postponement of commercial production at the giant Kashagan oilfield, talks will be held with other oil companies to boost crude production figures, reported earlier.
29 апреля 2014
Yerbolat Dossaeyv. © Commercial production at Kashagan to be resumed at the end of 2015: Minister of Economic Affairs He elaborated that “these are preliminary data obtained from the consortium of foreign companies in charge of developing the oilfield”.
29 апреля 2014
Pierre Offan © Head of NCOC, Kashagan operating company, to resign A full-scaled resumption of crude production at the giant Kashagan oilfield should be expected at the end of 2015, Yves Louis Darricarrere, President of the Exploration & Production Division at Total SA, said earlier.
24 апреля 2014
Kashagan oilfield. ©REUTERS Full-scaled resumption of crude production at Kashagan expected at the end of 2015 Given the risks of further postponement of commercial production at the giant Kashagan oilfield, talks will be held with other oil companies to boost crude production figures, reported earlier.
22 апреля 2014
Peter Baruch. Photo © Peter Baruch's hearing postponed Peter Baruch detained for corruption of minors in Kazakhstan's Uralsk and Atyrau will remain in custody till the end of the month.
21 апреля 2014 Talks to be held to boost oil production at other oilfields over failed plans to produce 2.5 million tons at Kashagan Talks will be held with other oil producers to boost crude production and exports by at least 1.5 million tons at other oilfields: Minister of Economic Affairs.
14 апреля 2014
Kashagan oilfield. ©REUTERS Kashagan oil production may be suspended for 2 years Operations at gigantic Kashagan oilfield in Kazakhstan may be suspended for two years.
10 апреля 2014
©Reuters Oil Minister Uzakbai Karabalin on Kashagan Over 2000 weld seams have been inspected; we have covered over 6000 meters of pipes with in-line inspections; the data is being processed at laboratories, he said.
07 апреля 2014
©Reuters NCOC and Agip to dispute Kashagan fine NCOC and Agip KCO intend to dispute the $737 million damage compensation for the break down at the Kashagan oil-field in court.
22 марта 2014
Island D at Kashagan field. ©Reuters Kashagan operator fined $737 million for flaring Kazakhstan ecologists are demanding that the Kashagan field operator pays a fine of $737 million to compensate the environmental damage.
21 марта 2014
Mynbayev. stock photo KazMunaiGas Head on Kashagan It’s too early to talk of any specific figures, estimated expenses related to repairs of the pipe: KazMunaiGas National Oil Company Head.
04 марта 2014

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