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10.04.2012 15:38 Finance
Kazakhstan Minister of Economic Development and Trade met with Kyrgyzstan Minister of Economy and Anti-Monopoly Policy in Astana.
04.04.2012 16:32 Finance
Kyrgyzstan's banking sector is the most attractive sector in the country's economy for Kazakhstan investors.
29.03.2012 16:50 Politics
South Korea will invest over $7 billion in investment projects of Kazakhstan.
14.03.2012 16:11 Entertainment, Style
The share of the government in the overall investments will make up 25% ($700 million).
08.03.2012 17:04 Finance
Expert opinions about the benefits of the global crisis for Kazakhstan's economy.
24.02.2012 15:42 Industry, Infrastructure
German companies are ready to invest into construction of a plant for production of freight wagons.
22.02.2012 19:41 Markets
Investments into the main capital of Almaty made 414.8 billion tenge ($2.8 billion) in 2011, which is 0.5 percent more than in 2010.
22.02.2012 13:40 Laws, Initiatives
The President signed Kazakhstan Law On amendments to several legislative acts of Kazakhstan on investments.
22.02.2012 13:37 Finance
Professor of the Pennsylvania State University attended Asia 2020 workshop organized by the International Academy of Business.
02.02.2012 16:32 Companies
Kazakhstan delegation met with representatives of the U.S. business community in Washington to discuss oil stakes, investments and relations with China and Russia.
13.12.2011 14:15 Laws, Initiatives
A special collegiate body will address issues related to investment activities involving foreign partners.
10.12.2011 11:07 Politics
The 9th president of the World Bank, chairman of Wolfensohn&Company; James Wolfensohn took part in Kazakh-American Investment Forum-2011.
23.11.2011 15:25 Politics
Recent terrorist attacks in Kazakhstan will have absolutely no effect on the relations between Kazakhstan and OIC countries: Expert.
25.10.2011 23:49 Politics
According to Samruk Kazyna Sovereign Wealth Fund Vice Chairman Aidan Karibzhanov, as of the end of last year Kyrgyzstan was not among the top 20 trade partners of Kazakhstan.
12.10.2011 12:35 Industry, Infrastructure
Danish concern Vestas is planning to invest around 200 million Euro into construction of wind power stations in Kazakhstan.
03.10.2011 13:47 Kazakhstan
Investors are to be exempted from corporate income tax, land and property tax: Minister of Industry and New Technologies Asset Issekeshev.
03.10.2011 12:12 Kazakhstan
At the same time, according to him, “foreign investments into the processing sector are growing”.
28.09.2011 11:00 Kazakhstan
During the visit I got convinced that Kazakhstan does have a favorable legal framework for foreign investments: Tian Guoli.
27.09.2011 10:31 Kazakhstan
It is expected to invest into major industries of Kyrgyzstan.
22.08.2011 18:26 Kazakhstan
According to Minister of Industry and Trade, every ambassador, every minister, every head of a national company, every regional governor will have a certain target to hit in terms of investments attracted.
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