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American billionaire Jim Rogers advises to invest in emerging markets like Kazakhstan 09 мая 2015, 18:17

A famous American investor and businessman Jim Rogers advised to invest in the emerging markets like Iran, Kazakhstan, North Korea and a number of African countries.
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American investor Jim Rogers. ©cnn.com American investor Jim Rogers. ©cnn.com

A famous American investor and businessman Jim Rogers said in his recent interview to CNN that he continued purchasing shares of Russian companies and advised to invest in the emerging markets like Iran, Kazakhstan, North Korea and a number of African countries.

The American investor spoke about his activities at the Russian stock market and his recent purchase of the shares of the agricultural companies: "On Monday I've bought an agricultural company. I am director of a fertilizer company, because I am bullish on agriculture and I am bullish on Russia."

Jim Rogers, who is also a co-founder of the Quantum Fund along with George Soros, continues buying into Russian companies. Apart from that, he has recently bought Russian government bonds: "I've also bought Russian government bonds in ruble (Russian currency) last week. Ruble collapsed and interest rates are very high in Russia right now."

He also advised to invest in emerging markets. "Place you could look now are Iran, some of the African countries, Kazakhstan. These are not very big markets, but they are starting to open up and change," he said, “China's stock market is now about 40 percent below their historic records, Japan's stock market - 50 percent."

When speaking about the US dollar, he admitted he held more dollars than any other currency. However, in the long term he was concerned about the stability of the dollar. “Everyone says dollar has grown quite significantly. If the value of an asset increases without serious corrections for a long period of time, it is a reason for concern,” American businessman said.

Rogers repeatedly advised to buy Russian rubles and Chinese yuan instead of dollars and euros. In April, when speaking at the St. Peterburg International Economic Forum, he said many people thought it was safe to buy dollars, but he believed that "in two or three years, we will have problems with it and many investors will suffer". 

He raised the same concern about the euro, saying that it would not be a safe currency for another five years and moreover, he predicted that "something is bound to happen — in Greece or Portugal". 

Time will tell whether Jim Rogers is right about his predictions, but he was the one who in 2007 accurately predicted the mortgage crisis in the United States and in the fall of 2014 - a sharp fall in oil prices.

By Assel Satubaldina


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